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    initial v1  
    1010 * The association table for a file should get a toolbar button for adding biomaterials.
    1111 * In order to be able to use the functionality above to add the first file - biomaterial association, the association table for a file should always be shown.
     13In order to implement the desired functionality to associate biomaterials to a file, one more lack of symmetry needs to be rectified:
     15 * Classes/files `action/sample/`, `action/extract/`, and `action/extract/` in `client/servlet/`, all use class/file `action/directory/` in `client/servlet/` to perform the file selection. The latter class was introduced in the first year of Proteios SE development, and has grown in complexity since the start. It contains a directory table and a file table, and has two major modes, one for browsing the Proteios SE file system, and one support mode for selecting one or more files as part of the set-up for a multi-step operation. There is currently no corresponding class for the latter purpose for other items than files. It has been possible to select multiple items in a table and then select an extension to process the items, but this is a different approach.
     17In order to be able to select biomaterials to be associated with a file, the following update should be made:
     19 * An equivalent class to `ViewActiveDirectory` should be created for general items (only restricted to be instances of `Class<? extends BasicItem>`), in order to be able to select the items as part of the set-up for a multi-step operation. The new class will be named `ViewItemTable`, and will be based on `ViewActiveDirectory`, but without the extra complexity added by the directory table.