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Configuring the Proteios server to access remote files via https


The following jvm parameters needs to be set for tomcat:

  • -Dcert.passFile=PATH_TO_P12_PASSWORD_FILE (or
  • -Dcert.alias=ALIAS

This can be done by configuring your tomcat.conf file. However, if a property (like alias) contains a space character, instead write to
(for example cert.alias=my name)

FTP server

For the ftp server, currently the startup script has to be edited: Add a line in the beginning:
PROP=" -Dcert.passFile=PATH_TO_P12_PASSWORD_FILE -Dcert.alias=\"my name\""

And change the two lines with 'su':
su - tomcat -c "nohup java -server $PROP -Xmx$MEMORY -cp $CLASSPATH -t\"$temp_dir\" -start $PORT&"