Known Issues

This page shows a list of known issues with the latest stable release of Proteios SE.

Known Issues

Issue Description Proteios SE Version Ticket #
Warning message when installling or upgrading WARN CacheManager:271 - Creating a new instance of CacheManager using the diskStorePath /tmp which is already used by an existing CacheManager. The warning can be ignored. 2.9 #617
Not all possible OMSSA modifications shown The list of selectable modifications in OMSSA is sometimes truncated. Intermediate solution is to go back and reload the OMSSA search setup page until the lists are complete 2.6 #526
Stack trace after login Problems in listing projects after upgrading to 2.8 or later more info 2.8 #555 #587

Resolved Issues

Issue Description Concerned ProSE Version Ticket #
Project IPG external ID stack trace Selecting external ID for project IPG gives stack trace 2.3 #431
Table columns cannot be selected Selecting table columns via popup window does not work 2.4 #474
Isobaric label ITRAQ 4-plex not possible to select 2.6 #528

Ticket Lists

Trac queries can be used to list tickets selected using different search conditions. Below are links to two pre-configured queries. The resulting pages contain controls for modifying the search conditions. To use modified search conditions, click the "Update" button on the page.

A list of tickets with type = "defect" for a specific release can be found using the Trac query List tickets with type = 'defect'.

A list of all tickets for a release can be found using the Trac query List tickets.

General problems and FAQ

Also see FAQ

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