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Release Procedure

  1. Set correct version in root build.xml
  2. Update database schema doc
  3. Commit to trunk

Do a test run in trunk

  1. Uninstall any local installation, make sure you have a clean environment
  2. ant package archive
  3. create RPMs, bake rpm
  4. install
  5. test servlet, webservice, ftp server

Prepare for release

  1. Tag release in /tags
  2. Checkout tagged version
  3. Build release packages, ant package archive; bake rpm
  4. Update local index.html, ant web
  5. Do a test run as described above with the archives and RPMS

If there are any errors during the release procedure, fix them in /trunk and re-tag the release version.

On D-day

  1. Copy files to server
  2. Check links
  3. Upgrade demo server
  4. Add upgrade news on demo server
  5. Edit server.html
  6. Announce on mailinglist, twitter and facebook
  7. Close milestone

Celebrate !