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    1919The integrated Proteios SE ftp server needs to be started separately, [wiki:FTPServer see].
    21 == Search Engine configuration ==
     21== Configuration of Proteios SE Access to External Programs ==
     23Proteios SE supports use of some external programs for processing data files. The benefit of running
     24the analysis from Proteios SE is that several data files may be selected for an analysis using
     25the same parameters, and the result files will be automatically uploaded to Proteios SE.
     26Some external programs are accessed via a web site, while others are typically installed on
     27a local server. Proteios SE configuration settings for external programs are stored in
     28text files named `*.properties`, stored in directory `WEB-INF/classes/` in your Proteios SE installation.
     29Template files for the configuration files are stored in the same directory with names ending in
     30``. These files contain information on the available parameters.
     32=== Search Engine Configuration - General ===
    2334There are several search engines that can be accessed directly from Proteios SE. The server administrator needs to edit the configuration files of these to point to the right URLs. Furthermore, for the Proteios SE results combination of multiple search engines, exactly the same databases need to be installed for the different search engines, with a random/reverse part that has a specific prefix for all the random entries.