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    6666Mascot searches can be conducted in batch from Proteios SE similarily to X!tandem searches, and search results from Mascot Daemon searches can be retrieved in batch. For this to work, you need to edit the mascot server settings in the file ``, which can be found under WEB-INF/classes in your Proteios SE installation. After editing the file you need to restart Tomcat.
     68=== msInspect feature detection configuration ===
     70Proteios SE supports msInspect feature detection, when installed as a JAR file available from A release or nightly build of msInspect
     71newer than March 2010 should be used for full mzML functionality.
     72Locate the Proteios SE msInspect search properties file ``. If not existing, locate the Proteios SE properties file template ``, and copy it to a file named `` in the same directory.
     74Edit the `` file by setting the value of the following parameters (more information and examples can be found in the file):
     76 1. Set the value of `msinspect.local.install.path` to the path for the directory in which the msInspect JAR file is installed.
     77 1. Set the value of `` to the name of the installed msInspect JAR file (normally of type "`viewerApp*.jar`", where '`*`' represents an optional time stamp and serial number).
     78 1. Set the value of `msinspect.memory_in_megabytes` to the memory in MB to use for the Java Virtual Machine, when running the msInspect program (at least 512 MB is recommended).
    6880=== PIKE configuration ===