Some Concepts in Proteios SE

Here some central concepts in Proteios SE are described from a functional view.

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A job is a potentially time consuming operation that is executed in batch mode under control of a job queue system, allowing the user to log out or continue with other tasks in Proteios SE simultaneously. Information on the execution of a job is reported by the job handling system, e.g. current job status ("Waiting", "Executing", "Done", "Error") and start/stop time stamps. The operation performed by a job is normally supplied as a plug-in.


A plug-in is normally an operation performed as a job. Input data for a plug-in may be collected in a number of ways:

  • A user may click a tool bar button that starts a chain of actions asking the user to enter data or select items from tables, after which a job is created for a specific plug-in using the compiled input data.
  • A plug-in may be pre-configured for a purpose, such as importing a specific type of file into the database, in which case the item is selected first, after which the plug-in appears in a menu of available plug-ins for the item.
  • A Proteios SE extension may be used to collect input data for a job. Multiple input items can be supported. The items are normally selected first, then the extension.


A Proteios SE extension is an addition to the graphical user interface, coupled to a specific context, such as the menu system, or listings of items of a specific type, e.g. files or directories, for selecting input data to be processed. In the latter case, a user selects items first, and then clicks a tool bar button to show a menu of available extensions. The chosen extension then uses the selected items as input data to start a job/jobs using a plug-in, or directly calculates results presented in a table, diagram, or graph. When several items are used as input, an extension often creates one job for each item.

In principle an extension does not need to use input data from the Proteios SE database, or store results in it, but can perform a general task, where input data is supplied by the user. However, since extensions are executed by the Proteios SE server, the latter use is only recommended for simple operations, that will not severely decrease server performance.

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