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(edit) @1536   16 years fredrik Bug fix: The protein hits report was filtered on evalues, even if that …
(edit) @1534   16 years fredrik Preparing for release of version 1.1.5
(edit) @1533   16 years fredrik Removed some decimals from summary message.
(edit) @1532   16 years fredrik Combined report changed to allow for comparison on peptide level as …
(edit) @1531   16 years fredrik Tandem input bug corrected. peptides didn't have the correct parent …
(edit) @1530   16 years fredrik
(edit) @1529   16 years fredrik Typo
(edit) @1528   16 years fredrik Major revision of standard protein report to accomodate large lists. …
(edit) @1526   16 years fredrik Now checking if there really are results from more than one search …
(edit) @1525   16 years fredrik Preparing for release 1.1.4. Removed possibility of listing x best …
(edit) @1524   16 years fredrik Updated documentation with DTA import and gel with spot picking sample file
(edit) @1523   16 years fredrik Tandem date filtering corrected.
(edit) @1522   16 years fredrik Corrected tag name for import of Mascot XML result. Now possible to …
(edit) @1521   16 years fredrik Adjusted GUI for batch DTA import
(edit) @1520   16 years fredrik Added import of DTA files (merged or single). Instrument parameters …
(edit) @1518   16 years fredrik Changed link to binary package
(edit) @1517   16 years fredrik tagged version 1.1.3
(edit) @1516   16 years fredrik Modified the counting of false positives
(edit) @1506   16 years Jari Häkkinen Added version number property and copyright statement to build.xml,
(edit) @1505   16 years fredrik Updated instructions
(edit) @1504   16 years fredrik Removed spectrum file from package. The import is deprecated
(edit) @1503   16 years fredrik Added PKL import to documentation
(edit) @1502   16 years fredrik Update link to Proteios 1.1.2 binary archive
(edit) @1501   16 years fredrik Allowed export of reports by right-clicking
(edit) @1500   16 years fredrik More conservative statistics in combined report
(edit) @1499   16 years fredrik New default settings for report
(edit) @1498   16 years fredrik Updated some info about installation and imports
(edit) @1497   16 years fredrik Update version info and some links
(edit) @1496   16 years fredrik Updated reports to allow for different prefixes for reverse database …
(edit) @1495   16 years fredrik Remake of Combined Protein Hits Report
(edit) @1494   16 years fredrik Also 1D gel
(edit) @1493   16 years fredrik false ratio calculation
(edit) @1492   16 years fredrik select error ratio
(edit) @1491   16 years Jari Häkkinen Updated Proteios datamodel diagram and corrected errors in …
(edit) @1490   16 years fredrik Changed to string type to accept empty dateTime
(edit) @1489   16 years fredrik Changed to string type to accept empty dateTime
(edit) @1487   16 years fredrik bug fix
(edit) @1486   16 years fredrik Now removing subsequence hits from CombinedProteinHitsReport?
(edit) @1485   16 years fredrik Now valid schema
(edit) @1484   16 years Jari Häkkinen New database proterties.
(edit) @1472   16 years fredrik batch mzData/pkl import changed so that target_id can be set
(edit) @1471   16 years fredrik Protein Hits Report date filtering adjusted to filter for whole dates
(edit) @1469   16 years fredrik Improved sorting of combine protein hits report
(edit) @1468   16 years fredrik Combined protein hits report export to file added
(edit) @1467   16 years fredrik GUI changes for new combined protein hits report and changed import of …
(edit) @1466   16 years fredrik New query function added to SQL connection. Writing queries to console …
(edit) @1465   16 years fredrik Changed MzData? so that only one mzAnalysis child with a given …
(edit) @1464   16 years fredrik New combined Mascot and Tandem results report added
(edit) @1463   16 years fredrik Changed tandem import to convert protein expect to real expectation value
(edit) @1462   16 years fredrik Updated xsd for X!tandem import
(edit) @1461   16 years fredrik Opimised ProteinHitsReport?
(edit) @1460   16 years fredrik Opimised evictElement
(edit) @1459   16 years fredrik Removed elements from figure. MzAnalysis? part should be added
(edit) @1458   16 years fredrik Not saving a lot of temp files when importing mzData anymore
(edit) @1457   16 years fredrik Delete message added and PeakList? batch import in separate SQLEvictSession
(edit) @1456   16 years fredrik xalan.jar needed in classpath
(edit) @1455   16 years fredrik Reduced classpath in run_proteios.bat
(edit) @1454   16 years fredrik Now using separate session and evict to avoid filling the hibernate …
(edit) @1453   16 years Jari Häkkinen Removed dependency on many .jar files.
(edit) @1452   16 years Jari Häkkinen Updated text.
(edit) @1451   16 years Jari Häkkinen Removed LSID stuff.
(edit) @1450   16 years Jari Häkkinen Removing unused jar.
(edit) @1449   16 years fredrik Proteios 1.1
(edit) @1448   16 years fredrik Proteios 1.1
(edit) @1447   16 years fredrik Export version 1.1. The export will build the entire DOM tree in …
(edit) @1446   16 years fredrik Update databases to 1.1 by XSL
(edit) @1445   16 years fredrik Schemas updated for 1.1
(edit) @1444   16 years fredrik Prepare for 1.1 release
(edit) @1443   16 years Jari Häkkinen Changed location for modified LSID package.
(edit) @1442   16 years fredrik mzdata batch export rewritten to minimise problem with cache filling up
(edit) @1441   16 years fredrik Some memory optimisation. More to be done!
(edit) @1440   16 years fredrik New getElements function which will query for elements with given …
(edit) @1439   16 years fredrik Batch import of PKL / mzData changed to be more memory efficient
(edit) @1438   16 years Jari Häkkinen Clarified Windows version.
(edit) @1437   16 years fredrik Now also generating the obligatory 'activation' element
(edit) @1436   16 years fredrik Now protein hits starts at 100000
(edit) @1435   16 years fredrik bug fix. Now pI is calculated too
(edit) @1434   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added svn:eol-style and svn:keywords properties.
(edit) @1433   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed LSID lookup to work on Microsoft Windows. Details are outline in …
(edit) @1432   17 years Jari Häkkinen Removed debug printouts.
(edit) @1431   17 years fredrik DB model change
(edit) @1430   17 years fredrik DB model updated
(edit) @1429   17 years fredrik Major DB model change
(edit) @1428   17 years fredrik bug fix. lastIndexOf
(edit) @1427   17 years fredrik Batch import of PKL / mzData to gel added. Importers modified to …
(edit) @1426   17 years fredrik Instrument info for PKL import added
(edit) @1425   17 years fredrik PKL import.
(edit) @1424   17 years fredrik Now retaining processing parameters from QTOF PLGS files
(edit) @1423   17 years fredrik Parsing of inputAccessionNumber added
(edit) @1422   17 years fredrik Tandem import added. Proton mass adjusted in Piums import and Gel report
(edit) @1421   17 years fredrik Xsd for tandem results
(edit) @1420   17 years fredrik RMS now calculated for Mascot searches too.
(edit) @1419   17 years fredrik Pepex and Pepfil imports retaining parameters. Mascot import adjusted …
(edit) @1418   17 years fredrik Now unlocking path again after MzData? batch export
(edit) @1417   17 years fredrik Now peak masses will always be MH+ after pepex and pepfil imports
(edit) @1416   17 years fredrik Support for IPI accession numbers. External info from …
(edit) @1415   17 years fredrik Piums Instrument file
(edit) @1414   17 years fredrik Schema for instrument part of mzData
(edit) @1413   17 years fredrik Now parsin more elements in Piums and Mascot imports. Getting …
(edit) @1412   17 years fredrik Batch MzData? export from Gels added
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