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Developer Information

This file contains developer specific information.


At first checkout from the repository, and when is changed, you must run


to setup autoconf files.


Run generated configure script with

./configure --enable-debug --enable-wctests

The option flag --enable-debug turns on debug options (e.g. enables assertions). The option flag --enable-wctests turns on some additional tests. All tests are not enabled by default since some of the tests depend on being run from a subversion WC.

Create a distribution

Create a distribution package with make dist. Remember to test the package with make distcheck. If required packages are installed in non-standard locations you need to pass this information to distcheck. This is done by using the variable DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS as

DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS="--with-apr=/usr/loca/apr" make distcheck

Usually you need to set DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS to whatever options you pass to configure with the exception of --enable-wctests. Passing --enable-wctests to distcheck will always fail because a distribution misses some files needed for WC tests.

Also see

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