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    r833 r1100  
    33Copyright (C) 2005 Jari Häkkinen
    4 Copyright (C) 2006 Jari Häkkinen, Peter Johansson
    5 Copyright (C) 2007, 2008, 2009 Peter Johansson
     4Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008 Jari Häkkinen, Peter Johansson
     5Copyright (C) 2009, 2010 Peter Johansson
    77This file is part of svndigest, http://dev.thep.lu.se/svndigest
    7777second block describes that comments also could come as `/* ... */`.
    79 For a more detailed illustration, please have a look at `config` that
    80 can be found in directory `.svndigest`, and the svndigest screenshots
    81 that can be reached through http://dev.thep.lu.se/svndigest/.
    8379Sometimes it might be useful if a file could be parsed as though it
    8480was going under a different name. It could, for example, be useful if
    9894To avoid retrieving the same data repeatedly from the repository,
    99 statistics is cahed in files located in `.svndigest`. Subsequent
     95statistics is cached in files located in `.svndigest`. Subsequent
    10096svndigest runs read the cache files and retrieve information from the
    10197repository only for the revisions that have been committed since the
    143139inherited to the new config file. To preserve such a comment you must
    144140merge the new config file with the old config file manually.
     142The color used for each author in plots and blame output can be
     143configured in section [author-color] in config file. The format of the
     144color string is a 6-digit hexadecimal number in which each color (red,
     145green and blue) is decribed by 2 digits, i.e. each color is described
     146by a value between 0 and 255 in hexadecimal format. It is also allowed
     147to set the color with a 3-digit hexadecimal number in which case, for
     148example, 'a5b' would be equivalent to 'aa55bb'.
     150The format of images in the report can be configured in section
     151[image]. Allowed formats are `png`, `svg`, and `none` where the latter
     152implies that images are not created.
    146154== Copyright update ==
    198206  * Create the plots and HTML presentation.
     208= Copy Cache =
     210As explained above, statistics are cached during a run and svndigest
     211only communicates with the server to retrieve statistics of the
     212activity since last run. Subsequent runs are much faster why it is
     213prefereble to run svndigest in a wc with recent cache available.
     215Sometimes it is useful to copy the cache from one wc to another, and
     216an easy way to do this is to use the tool `svndigest-copy-cache`,
     217which is shipped with svndigest. A common use case is when creating,
     218say, a release branch from the trunk, in which case you likely will
     219have two working copies to follow the two branches. If you want to run
     220svndigest on both of them and you want to avoid the first expensive
     221run (without cache) you can copy the cache from the trunk wc to the
     222release-branch wc.
     224As explained in the caching section, it is important that the cache
     225reflects a revision that belong to the history of the wc. So, for
     226example, when creating a branch it is crucial to copy the cache from
     227the trunk wc to the new branch wc before running svndigest on trunk
     228wc. Otherwise the cache will contain information about changesets that
     229were committed after the new branch were forked out. This will not
     230only be untrue as these changesets are not in the line of history of
     231the branch, but it will also cause problems for svndigest when
     232calculating the statistics of the most recent revisons and result is
     233undefined due to inconsistency between the cache and the log. For an
     234example of how `svndigest-copy-cache` may be used please refer to the
     235ReleaseProcedure of svndigest.
     237`svndigest-copy-cache` copies the cache file from `ROOT` tree to the
     238corresponding directory in `TARGET` tree. The tree structure of the
     239two working copies must be identical because `svndigest-copy-cache`
     240will not create any directories in `TARGET` tree except that
     241`.svndigest` directories are created when necessary.
     243Also, `svndigest-copy-cache` is ignorant about svn wc and will parse
     244through `ROOT` directory and all its sub-directories ,looking for
     245svndigest cache files, regardless whether they belong to the same svn
     246working copy or not. Therefore, having other svn wc in subdirectories
     247of `ROOT` might give an unexpected result.
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