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Sep 6, 2006, 12:37:54 PM (16 years ago)
Peter Johansson

fixes #59 explains how files are parsed. Perhaps some of the information in the readme file should propagate to the Trac page.

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    4 Copyright (C) 2005, 2006 Jari Häkkinen
     4Copyright (C) 2005 Jari Häkkinen
     5Copyright (C) 2006 Jari Häkkinen, Peter Johansson
    67This file is part of svndigest,
    2627and calculates developer statistics for all subversion controlled
    2728entries. The result is written to a sub-directory of a user
    28 specifiable target directory (defualt is the current working
     29specifiable target directory (default is the current working
    3536that line.
    37 The statistics calculated is the number of lines contributed from each
    38 contributing developer in the latest (checked out) revision. Also, the
    39 number of lines still in use from each revision is calculated.
     38For each developer svndigest calculates the number of contributed
     39lines in the latest (checked out) revision. By checking when each line
     40was last change, for each revision svndigest calculates how many lines
     41each developer had contributed that are still in use. svndigest
     42separates between different types of lines: line of code, line of
     43comment, and empty lines.
     45The separation between types of lines is designed to support C++ style
     46line comments like
     48// blah blah
     50with two or more slashes in front of them, and C style block comments like
     53 * blah blah
     54 */
     56with zero or more stars at the beginning of every line. A line is
     57consider to be a line of code, if it contains non-whitespace
     58characters being neither inside a C style block nor after a C++ style
     59line comment start ('//'). In case the line is not a line of code, it
     60is considered as a line of comment if it contains alphanumeric
     61characters (see isalnum). Remaining lines are consider empty, in other
     62words, lines like: '////////////' or '/*' are considered as empty.
    4164There are many different types of files and for many file types it
    4467symbolic links and binary files cannot. svndigest treats binary files
    4568as zero-line files, whereas symbolic links are treated as one-line
    46 files. There is a possiblity to exclude files from the statistics, the
     69files. There is a possibility to exclude files from the statistics, the
    4770use of the property svndigest:ignore.
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