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Jan 5, 2006, 2:36:42 AM (17 years ago)
Jari Häkkinen

Added a Gnuplot interface class.

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    11// $Id$
     5svnstat uses a C++ interface to Gnuplot written by Rajarshi Guha. The
     6interface is integrated in the svnstat code with some modifications
     7(see below). The original code used for svnstat can be found in
     8directory ./gnuplot_i++.
     10Rajarshi Guha's "A C++ Interface to Gnuplot" can be found through
     11 . The C++ interface is based on "gnuplot
     12interfaces in ANSI C" written by Nicolas Devillard. The C implemention
     13is available through .
     15Changes made to the C++ Gnuplot interface files (gnuplot_i.hpp and
     18i) Changed filename gnuplot_i.hpp to gnuplot_i.h, and consequently
     19   changed #include directive in
     21ii) Encapsulated the interface into namespace theplu::svnstat.
     23iii) Added $Id$ tags in both files.
     25iv) Changed the initial #ifndef/#define idiom to avoid potential
     26   clash with the original implementation.
     28v) gnuplot_i.h: Removed the 'using namespace std;' statement, since we
     29   don't want to expose the std namespace to everyone using the
     30   Gnuplot interface. This triggered subsequent changes to code lines
     31   with string and vector<> usage.
     33vi) Resolved signed/unsigned compiler warnings in on
     34   lines 235, 278, 418, and 482
     36vii) Changed order of code in Gnuplot destructor, now
     37   the pipe is closed first. I have not done a full scale
     38   investigation on why this is needed, but on MacOSX the files are
     39   removed before gnuplot plots data when the original code order is
     40   kept.
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