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     88== Configuration ==
     90The configuration file may be used to define Various behaviors for
     91svndigest. By default svndigest looks for a config file named `config`
     92in directory `<root-dir>/.svndigest` (<root-dir> is directory set by
     93option `--root`). If no such file is found, svndigest behaves as
     94default. Which file to be used as config file may also be set with
     95option `--config-file`. To update an old config file you can use the
     96option `--generate-config`. With this option set the used
     97configuration will be written to standard output. If new variables has
     98been added to configuration of svndigest, these variables will be
     99written with default values. Note: if you have added a comment (e.g. a
     100subversion keyword $Id$) to your old config file, this will not be
     101inherited to the new config file. To preserve such a comment you must
     102merge the new config file with the old config file manually.
    88104== Copyright update ==
    98114copyright of the file if (s)he has modified the file and thereby
    99115occurs in the log. For an example of the format of the generated
    100 copyright statement, please have a look at any file in the svndigest
    101 project.
     116copyright statement, please have a look at the bottom of this file. By
     117default the `svn user name` of the author is printed in the copyright
     118statement. This may be overridden by setting a `copyright-alias` in
     119the config file. In svndigest, e.g., user name `jari` is set to
     120copyright-alias ''Jari Häkkinen'' and user name `peter` is set to
     121copyright-alias ''Peter Johansson''. If two (or several) authors are
     122given the same copyright-alias they are considered as one person in
     123the copyright statement (i.e. their alias is not repeated). This may
     124be useful if you want to give copyright to an organization rather than
     125to individual developers.
    103127== Prerequisites ==
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