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(edit) @283   14 years Peter Johansson fixed some typos in --version and --help output
(edit) @280   14 years Peter Johansson more NEWS and made --version and --help output more standard
(edit) @269   14 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed ColumnStream? column size error.
(edit) @241   14 years Peter Johansson some more lippstick for help output
(edit) @240   14 years Peter Johansson removed -rev flag (there is still --revsions). Changed help output to …
(edit) @234   14 years Peter Johansson fixes #87 and #95 and #103 and #104 and #80 and #108, and refs #69
(edit) @229   14 years Peter Johansson Modified behaviour of Configuration. Fixes #114, #115, #116
(edit) @226   15 years Peter Johansson added reading of config file in Parameter closes ##106 and #98. Move …
(edit) @198   15 years Peter Johansson refs #36 optionally a copyright information, based on Stats, can be …
(edit) @180   15 years Peter Johansson fixes #71 concatenation of parameters -v and -f is now allowed
(edit) @173   15 years Jari Häkkinen Changed post-increments to pre-increments.
(edit) @151   15 years Jari Häkkinen Fixes #50 and #58. Added checks that dirs exists and have proper …
(edit) @149   15 years Jari Häkkinen Changed svnstat to svndigest.
(edit) @122   15 years Jari Häkkinen Cleaning.
(edit) @117   15 years Peter Johansson fixed bug with root and target
(edit) @116   15 years Peter Johansson fixes #48 #49
(edit) @106   15 years Peter Johansson closes #43 throwing exceptions in Parameter
(edit) @104   15 years Peter Johansson closes #39 checks that target and root exist, default parameter is …
(edit) @98   15 years Jari Häkkinen Changed version() to const.
(edit) @84   16 years Jari Häkkinen Added copyright statement. Bumped version number to pre0.3. Cleaned up …
(edit) @83   16 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed ticket:21 version information is taken from
(edit) @73   16 years Jari Häkkinen Divided Gnuplot class into a basic gnuplot communication class and a …
(edit) @66   16 years Jari Häkkinen Minor fix on help output.
(edit) @60   16 years Peter Johansson plotting vs date rather than revision
(edit) @54   16 years Jari Häkkinen Changed command line paramters. Last [path] is invalid now, use -r.
(edit) @52   16 years Jari Häkkinen bin/svnstat works
(edit) @50   16 years Jari Häkkinen force parameter works, target removed if exist.
(edit) @49   16 years Jari Häkkinen bin directory compiles but svnstat not finished.
(edit) @39   16 years Jari Häkkinen Gnuplot working.
(add) @37   16 years Peter Johansson added Parameter class and main doing nothing.
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