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(edit) @101   16 years Peter Johansson closes #28 #18 and added some lippstick to the node daughters table output
(edit) @100   16 years Peter Johansson closes #9 and move create function from to lib/utility and …
(edit) @91   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixes #4, #19, #32, #34: Started to implement subversion API usage.
(edit) @84   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added copyright statement. Bumped version number to pre0.3. Cleaned up …
(edit) @79   17 years Jari Häkkinen Clean up code.
(edit) @75   17 years Peter Johansson the return of the white thin duke
(edit) @74   17 years Jari Häkkinen Improved web presentation. Y axises normalized, ticket ticket:15 resolved.
(edit) @73   17 years Jari Häkkinen Divided Gnuplot class into a basic gnuplot communication class and a …
(edit) @72   17 years Peter Johansson prefer stl algorithms…
(edit) @71   17 years Peter Johansson class goes to typename, hi hi
(edit) @65   17 years Peter Johansson corrected includes
(edit) @63   17 years Peter Johansson Fixed problem with mapping revison to date. Removed mkstemps. name of …
(edit) @60   17 years Peter Johansson plotting vs date rather than revision
(edit) @58   17 years Jari Häkkinen Removed string from print() interface.
(edit) @29   17 years Peter Johansson modified output file names
(edit) @23   17 years Peter Johansson added print functionality
(edit) @22   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed check of symbolic links by checking if a node is an explicit …
(edit) @19   17 years Peter Johansson added include algorithm
(edit) @18   17 years Jari Häkkinen Directory tree created. Use purge() to remove non subversion …
(edit) @16   17 years Peter Johansson merged Node::info() and Node::subversion_controlled()
(edit) @14   17 years Peter Johansson adding Stats class and removed pointer from node to its mother(dir), …
(edit) @10   17 years Jari Häkkinen Reading directory structure.
(edit) @9   17 years Jari Häkkinen Started work with reading file structure.
(edit) @7   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed svn properties. Moved endo of namespace comments to correct line.
(add) @4   17 years Peter Johansson Initial ci of classes parsing subversion output
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