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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#38 output file index.html clash new Peter Johansson defect major svndigest 1.x
#101 activity plot new Peter Johansson task major svndigest 1.x
#279 Images could have anchors to PDF version of image new Jari Häkkinen enhancement major svndigest 0.x+
#242 message in Recent Log should not truncate in middle of word new Peter Johansson task minor svndigest 0.x+
#443 Support for 0.11 TracLinks reopened Peter Johansson task minor svndigest 0.x+
#444 Revision column in 'File Summary for Author' - should it be author specific? new Peter Johansson task minor svndigest 0.x+
#526 Recent log includes out of branch revisions new Peter Johansson defect minor svndigest 0.x+
#42 add favicon new Peter Johansson enhancement trivial svndigest 1.x
#99 Syntax Coloring new Peter Johansson task trivial svndigest 0.x+
#474 text position in plots new Jari Häkkinen enhancement trivial svndigest 0.x+
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