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#86 access PATH environment variable ... Jari Häkkinen task major svndigest 0.7 core
#191 trac-links in base projects Peter Johansson defect major 0.6 output
#195 Is anchor function default parameter order flawed? Jari Häkkinen task major 0.6 core
#212 Use variables in namespace AM_ Peter Johansson task major 0.6 build
#322 Is `configure --enable-staticbin` really creating a statically linked binary? Jari Häkkinen task major core
#352 image looks blurry in yat output - is it rescaled? Jari Häkkinen defect minor output
#522 specify peg revision as base (or working) Peter Johansson task minor core
#210 change name of option --revisions. Jari Häkkinen task trivial svndigest 0.7 core
#445 GNU Coding Standards mandate two spaces between copyright years and holders Jari Häkkinen enhancement trivial svncopyright
#520 livecheck regex not matching 0.10 Jari Häkkinen defect trivial build
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