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the dependency for man creation is problematic when building from tarball

Reported by: Peter Johansson Owned by: Peter Johansson
Priority: trivial Milestone: svndigest 0.11
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related to ticket:530

The man page dependencies are not perfect. Take, e.g., svndigest.1, which has the following dependencies:

man_deps=$(top_srcdir)/configure $(srcdir)/ \
	$(srcdir)/man/svndigest.x $(top_srcdir)/.revision
svndigest_man_deps = $(man_deps)
svndigest_man_deps += bin/svndigest$(EXEEXT)

$(srcdir)/man/svndigest.1: $(svndigest_man_deps)

Where MAN_TARBALL is true if where are not building from svn wc and man/svndigest.1 exists at configure time. In that case, there is nothing that stops make to generate man pages before creating the corresponding binary. Perhaps no problem when building with make -j1 but in a parallel build there is a problem.

Basically this is only a problem when building from a tarball and if user edits any of $(svndigest_man_deps).

This is not a problem in 0.10 because it has recursive Makefile and binaries are guaranteed to be built before man pages are generated.

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