Mar 4, 2008:

7:06 PM Changeset [560] by Peter Johansson
6:58 PM WikiStart edited by Peter Johansson

Feb 29, 2008:

8:31 PM Ticket #314 (LineType copyright is displayed as code in Blame Output) created by Peter Johansson
It should be displayed as docs. It seems like these lines are counted …
3:47 PM DownloadPage edited by Peter Johansson
Made links relative (diff)
3:22 PM Ticket #313 (caching does not work) created by Peter Johansson
I get strange number such as 126327813 when I look into the cache …
3:21 PM Ticket #312 (Copyright does not work) created by Peter Johansson
svndigest claims that no copyright is found and therefore no copyright …
3:19 PM Ticket #311 (svndigest barfs when --root is a file) created by Peter Johansson
error message […] I tried it both with pre0.6.5 and trunk and …

Feb 25, 2008:

3:40 PM Ticket #310 (support for svn:keywords) created by Peter Johansson
related to #392 Should we have support for svn:keywords, which means …

Feb 14, 2008:

9:37 PM Ticket #309 (Handle deleted files) created by Peter Johansson
A file that has been deleted is ignored. Perhaps we want to allow …

Feb 11, 2008:

6:46 PM Ticket #308 (Standardize date format) created by Peter Johansson
According to ISO 8601 dates should be displayed as YYYY-MM-DD …

Feb 9, 2008:

5:23 PM Changeset [559] by Peter Johansson
delete configure output about --enable-wctest since this option is removed

Feb 7, 2008:

7:46 PM Ticket #307 (Lift out copyright update to its own binary) created by Peter Johansson
related to ticket:317 and ticket:373 needed for ticket:385

Feb 6, 2008:

6:32 PM Ticket #306 (allow different copyright statement) created by Peter Johansson
In particular I would like to allow the transposed format […]
12:48 AM Changeset [558] by Jari Häkkinen
Refer to INSTALL for requirements.

Feb 5, 2008:

10:49 PM Changeset [557] by Jari Häkkinen
Improved configure diagnostics message.
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