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Feb 4, 2019


svndigest traverses a directory structure (controlled by subversion) and calculates developer statistics for all subversion controlled entries. The result is written to a sub-directory of a user specifiable target directory (default is the current working directory).

To understand what statistics is calculated by svndigest this definition is needed: The developer who made the latest change to a line still in use in the latest revision, is considered as the contributor of that line regardless of who actually originally created that line.

For each developer svndigest calculates the number of contributed lines in the latest (checked out) revision. Svndigest calculates for each revision, by checking when each line was last changed, how many lines each developer had contributed at that specific revision and still are in use. svndigest separates between different types of lines: line of code, line of comment, and empty lines.


The svndigest statistics for the svndigest project is updated nightly. The bleeding edge version of svndigest is used to create the statistics.


If you want to live on bleeding edge software, download the latest (maybe unstable) version through

svn checkout svndigest

The latest release can be downloaded as gzipped tar file, svndigest-0.5.tar.gz (MD5).


To run svndigest, the following software packages must be installed:


svndigest is an open source project and available for free under the GNU General Public License.

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