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svn-clean target - see README.developer - is handy for the RM

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Disable shared library

yat uses gnu Libtool in order to build shared libraries on a variety of systems. While this is very nice for making usable binaries, it can be a pain when trying to debug a program. For that reason, compilation of shared libraries can be turned off by specifying the --disable-shared option to configure.

Debugging using GDB

If shared library is enabled (default), libtool creates wrapper scripts in test/ that call the test programs located in test/.libs. While this allow us to dynamically link against the temporary library in yat/, it makes straightforward usage of GDB impossible. For that reason libtool provides a wrapper:

#> libtool --mode=execute gdb foo_test

that sets the necessary environment variables. For more detailed discussion, please refer to the libtool manual:

Enable svn-clean

While make distclean will remove most generated files and leave you in a state as though you just unpacked a dist, it is sometimes useful to remove even more files. For this purpose there exists a target svn-clean that will remove all files not under sunversion control. The target is not active by default, but can to be turned on with ./configure --enable-svn-support. Use with care!

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