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To build from a subversion checkout, you will need Autotools. More specifically Automake 1.10 (or later), Autoconf 2.60 (or later), and Libtool are required.

Disable shared library

yat uses gnu Libtool in order to build shared libraries on a variety of systems. While this is very nice for making usable binaries, it can be a pain when trying to debug a program. For that reason, compilation of shared libraries can be turned off by specifying the --disable-shared option to configure.

Debugging using GDB

If shared library is enabled (default), libtool creates wrapper scripts in directory test/ that call the test programs located in directory test/.libs/. While this allows us to dynamically link against the temporary library in yat/, it makes straightforward usage of GDB impossible. For that reason libtool provides a wrapper:

#> libtool --mode=execute gdb foo_test

that sets the necessary environment variables. For more detailed discussion, please refer to the libtool manual:

Enable svn-support

If you are building from an svn wc, you may run 'configure' with option '--enable-svn-support' to turn on some extra make targets. Most of the targets are useful at release time, i.e., probably not very useful for other developers than the release manager. See 'build_support/' for more details.

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The yat library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
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You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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