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(edit) @562   16 years Jari Häkkinen Corrected copyright statement.
(edit) @561   16 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed documentation, added copyright statement.
(edit) @560   16 years Markus Ringnér Minor fixes plus fixed bug in ConsensusInputRanker?
(edit) @559   16 years Peter some changes in EB
(edit) @558   16 years Peter ConsensusInputRanker? now supports weights
(edit) @557   16 years Peter fixed bug in Averager::variance
(edit) @556   16 years Peter correcting assignment operators
(edit) @555   16 years Peter inserted private operator=
(edit) @554   16 years Markus Ringnér added small test
(edit) @553   16 years Peter added range check in KernelLookup? Constructor and clarified doc in …
(edit) @552   16 years Peter killed bug in SVM
(edit) @551   16 years Markus Ringnér Added tests of two nested CrossSplitters? to crossvalidation_test
(edit) @550   16 years Peter removed assert from matrix.h
(edit) @549   16 years Peter forgot to add file
(edit) @548   16 years Peter fixed bug in Kernels
(edit) @547   16 years Peter deleting dynamically allocated kernels in SVM destructor
(edit) @546   16 years Peter inlined function
(edit) @545   16 years Peter added feature selection for SVM
(edit) @544   16 years Peter corrected SVM::make_classifier
(edit) @543   16 years Peter moved destruction of ranker to SupervisedClassifier?
(edit) @542   16 years Peter added predict function in SVM supporting weight
(edit) @541   16 years Peter weights supported in CrossSplitter?
(edit) @540   16 years Peter added weights in CrossSplitter? - not supported in interface though.
(edit) @539   16 years Peter re-introduced prediction in SVM
(edit) @538   16 years Peter corrected test for KernelLookup?
(edit) @537   16 years Peter forked tests and fixed bugs
(edit) @536   16 years Peter fixed problem with ConsensusInputranker? - Now all tests do pass
(edit) @535   16 years Peter changed minor stupid stuff in gslapi
(edit) @534   16 years Peter bug fixes in MatrixLookup? and extended test
(edit) @533   16 years Peter test for MatrixLookup?. NOTE: consensus_inputranker_test still fails
(edit) @532   16 years Peter modified implementation of Parson weighted - now in line with other …
(edit) @531   16 years Markus Ringnér Note there are some problem when creating MatrixLookups? from …
(edit) @530   16 years Markus Ringnér Fixed problems for empty target groups
(edit) @529   16 years Markus Ringnér Added score for signal-to-noise ratio (Golub score). Fixed …
(edit) @528   16 years Peter adding source files that were forgotten
(edit) @527   16 years Peter Modified Kernel to be built from MatrixLookup? rather than …
(edit) @526   16 years Markus Ringnér Fixed bug in tScore and in MatrixLookup?. Added support for scoring …
(edit) @525   16 years Markus Ringnér Added structure to Supervised classifier and NCC to support ranking …
(edit) @524   16 years Peter fixed bug PolynimialKernelFunction? - can now handle NaNs? with weights
(edit) @523   16 years Peter add prediction functions to SVM
(edit) @522   16 years Peter added function to add InputRanker? to ConsensusInputRanker?
(edit) @521   16 years Peter extended target and ensemble tests
(edit) @520   16 years Peter changed internal representation in Target
(edit) @519   16 years Peter percentile is now called percentile
(edit) @518   16 years Peter also adding the test for EnsembleBuilder?
(edit) @517   16 years Peter fixed bug in DataLookup2D and created test for EnsembleBuilder?
(edit) @516   16 years Peter added function generating weight matrix with respect to not-a-number …
(edit) @515   16 years Peter fixed indentation for doxygen
(edit) @514   16 years Peter generalised binary functionality in Target
(edit) @513   17 years Peter added kernels using weights
(edit) @512   17 years Peter moved common member variables to base class Kernel
(edit) @511   17 years Peter added percentile function for gslapi::vector
(edit) @510   17 years Peter fixed nan return in AveragerPair::ccc()
(edit) @509   17 years Peter added test for target redesign crossSplitter added two class function …
(edit) @508   17 years Jari Häkkinen Removed autotools directory that should not exist here (autotools …
(edit) @507   17 years Jari Häkkinen Reverting these files to revision 505; these were changed by mistake.
(edit) @506   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed spelling error.
(edit) @505   17 years Markus Ringnér Continuing with adding validation functionality to EnsembleBuilder?. …
(edit) @504   17 years Markus Ringnér Test program for the nearest centroid classifier (ncc) parts of …
(edit) @503   17 years Markus Ringnér First drafts for a distance interface and one implementation (Pearson)
(edit) @502   17 years Peter improved median and percentile functions
(edit) @501   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added missing #insert <cassert>
(edit) @500   17 years Peter implemented median function for gslapi::vector changed sister …
(edit) @499   17 years Peter set tolerance to round_error
(edit) @498   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed type mismatch on Mac.
(edit) @497   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added todo item.
(edit) @496   17 years Peter implemented AveragerPair::msd()
(edit) @495   17 years Peter modified interface for Regression::Local
(edit) @494   17 years Peter added pdf link and creation of Statistics document
(edit) @493   17 years Peter fixed typo in tScore and added make_classifier in SVM
(edit) @492   17 years Peter updated Weighted Statistics document and reimplemented few stuff. …
(edit) @491   17 years Peter made SVM inherit from SupervisedClassifer?
(edit) @490   17 years Peter added tests for AveragerPairWeighted?, corrected docs, and added an …
(edit) @489   17 years Peter added functions to AveragerPairWeighted?. Not tested yet.
(edit) @488   17 years Peter made Score classes ignoring data points with weight zero
(edit) @487   17 years Peter mad covariance calculation coherent with variance and added tests for …
(edit) @486   17 years Peter aligned AveragerWeighted? with Averager and added tests for checking …
(edit) @485   17 years Markus Ringnér First draft of EnsembleBuilder?
(edit) @484   17 years Peter added tests to Averager and fixed bug
(edit) @483   17 years Peter Went through averager class. Changed function to be sum_xx and …
(edit) @482   17 years Peter modified interface to CrossSplitter?, added functions to DataLookup2D …
(edit) @481   17 years Markus Ringnér Initial versions that will not compile but are more documentation for …
(edit) @480   17 years Jari Häkkinen Changed the statistics link once more. Added Markus to authors. Added …
(edit) @479   17 years Jari Häkkinen Removed obsolete doxygen config entry.
(edit) @478   17 years Peter removed KernelView? again - somehow the file was resurrected when the …
(edit) @477   17 years Jari Häkkinen
(edit) @476   17 years Markus Ringnér Added interface class for supervised classifiers. Fixed NCC to comply …
(edit) @475   17 years Peter I dont know what happened, but everything is changed…
(edit) @474   17 years Peter adding Target and AveragerPairWeighted?
(edit) @473   17 years Peter fixed the bugs!
(edit) @472   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added mr Markus.
(edit) @471   17 years Peter fixed ROC
(edit) @470   17 years Peter compiling 3 tests fail
(edit) @469   17 years Peter non compiling checking before revision after design meeting
(edit) @468   17 years Peter made gslapi::vector inherit from VectorAbstract?
(edit) @467   17 years Peter added VectorView? and VectorAbstract?
(edit) @466   17 years Peter Creating a private branch
(edit) @465   17 years Peter implemented score for WilcoxonFoldChange?
(edit) @464   17 years Peter made median template
(edit) @463   17 years Peter fixed bug in KernelView? constructor and updated tests
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