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(edit) @610   15 years Peter ref #60 Sampler and inherited CrossValidationSampler?.
(edit) @608   15 years Peter set properties
(edit) @607   15 years Peter ref #96 included FeatureSelection? in CrossSplitter?. Also happened to …
(edit) @606   15 years Peter ref #96 added missing functionality in FeatureSelector?
(edit) @605   15 years Peter simple test for FeatureSelector?
(edit) @604   15 years Peter ref #96 Changed InputRanker? to return vector of index rather than …
(edit) @600   15 years Peter removed stupid trailing character
(edit) @597   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed comments so they pass without some of the complaits from …
(edit) @596   15 years Peter some doc
(edit) @595   15 years Peter added MatrixLookupWeighted? class containing both data and weights
(edit) @593   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed std includes to compile with g++ 4.1.
(edit) @592   15 years Peter added random_shuffle function in Target class
(edit) @591   15 years Peter added random_shuffle function in Target class
(edit) @590   15 years Peter closes #74 documentation
(edit) @585   16 years Markus Ringnér Removed forgotten debug printout
(edit) @584   16 years Markus Ringnér Fixed so NCC and IGP works when there are NaNs? in centroids.
(edit) @581   16 years Markus Ringnér Added class for in-group-proportions score. Removed gslapi::vector …
(edit) @580   16 years Jari Häkkinen Removed LOCAL_INCLUDES.
(copy) @575   16 years Jari Häkkinen Renaming lib to c++_tools.
copied from trunk/lib/classifier:
(edit) @571   16 years Peter added function to set C-Parameter in SVM
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