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(edit) @462   18 years Peter changed link to svnstat plot to my place
(edit) @458   18 years Markus Ringnér namespace svm changed to classifier
(edit) @423   18 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed gnuplot to generate png.
(edit) @422   18 years Peter Fixed statistics script. png generation must be fixed.
(edit) @414   18 years Peter adding FoldChange? class and fixing bugs in Score classes
(edit) @411   18 years Jari Häkkinen Move todo items to trac.
(edit) @396   18 years Peter remove files from testing soft link
(edit) @395   18 years Peter testing even more stuff
(edit) @394   18 years Peter testing soft links
(edit) @391   18 years Peter added todo
(edit) @389   18 years Peter moved kernel to regression namespace and tried to fix some dox issues
(edit) @387   18 years Jari Häkkinen Initial documentation for resgression namespace.
(edit) @367   18 years Peter added docs for random
(edit) @350   18 years Peter modified so dox comes to todo list
(edit) @340   18 years Jari Häkkinen Changed gawk to awk. This is more probable to work on different OSs.
(edit) @338   18 years Peter added document about weighted statistics
(edit) @320   18 years Peter removed statistics script, takes too long time
(edit) @316   18 years Peter svnplot added to dox
(edit) @304   18 years Peter moved namespace dox to separate file
(edit) @303   18 years Peter docs
(edit) @296   18 years Peter corrected name of KernelBox?
(edit) @250   19 years Jari Häkkinen Redo of setting svn:ignore property. This time subversion ignores the …
(edit) @249   19 years Jari Häkkinen Added svn:ignore property to make subversion ignore autotools …
(edit) @214   19 years Jari Häkkinen Changed author list.
(edit) @58   19 years Jari Häkkinen Implemented first version of KKNImpute. Minor fixes.
(edit) @44   20 years Jari Häkkinen * empty log message *
(add) @5   21 years Jari Häkkinen * empty log message *
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