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(edit) @3999   8 months Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3886   15 months Peter add missing macros in intstall target; sort files alphabetically
(edit) @3866   16 months Peter new macro to detect plplot library and header files (heavily inspired …
(edit) @3865   16 months Peter new macro YAT_CHECK_LIBS
(edit) @3661   4 years Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3590   4 years Peter change file name to more generic 'yat_cxx11.m4' (laying out the carpet …
(edit) @3581   4 years Peter refs #878 Make configure try to turn on compiler switches (such as …
(edit) @3330   7 years Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3311   7 years Peter append EXTRA_DIST with some m4 files that were missing in dist (only …
(edit) @3226   7 years Peter New macro YAT_HEADER_ASSERT
(edit) @2868   9 years Peter refs #729. Add configure tests for samtools
(edit) @2787   9 years Peter update coyright years
(edit) @2739   9 years Peter refs #703 using a non-recursive Makefile. Old are kept but …
(edit) @2608   10 years Peter delete trailing newlines
(edit) @2547   10 years Peter included needed m4 files in dist. fixes #670 (distcheck now works)
(edit) @2451   10 years Peter update copyright years
(edit) @2446   10 years Peter need to distribute macros explicitely as long as we don't use them.
(edit) @2424   10 years Peter adding some macros that generate Automake snippets. The rules include …
(edit) @2384   10 years Peter updating copyright years
(edit) @2307   11 years Peter adding missing file in dist
(edit) @2245   11 years Peter first version of macro YAT_LT_LINK_IFELSE. Currently limited to C++ …
(edit) @2202   11 years Peter merging release 0.6 into trunk
(edit) @2113   12 years Peter install macro yat_svn_release.m4
(edit) @2026   12 years Peter include yat_cblas.m4 in installation
(copy) @1785   12 years Peter Moving m4 files to directory m4/. NOTE: this change will break …
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(edit) @1766   12 years Peter adding srcdir
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