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(edit) @3999   14 months Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3883   21 months Peter remove support for building against libbam (which allows us to remove …
(edit) @3792   3 years Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3753   3 years Peter adjust license text to be same as in other files
(edit) @3550   5 years Peter Update copyright years. Happy New Year
(edit) @3475   6 years Peter closes #859 New class handling Fasta files that have an index file …
(edit) @3439   6 years Peter merge release 0.13 into trunk
(edit) @3417   7 years Peter updating copyright statements
(edit) @3415   7 years Peter refs #794 Change logic in configure test looking for libhts/samtools …
(edit) @3360   7 years Peter update copyright years
(edit) @3350   7 years Peter Make configure htslib aware. Header detection changed to look for …
(edit) @3068   8 years Peter Fixes #766 Replace #defines HAVE_BAM_H (and friends) in …
(edit) @2990   9 years Peter always install bam headers, but #error out noisily if included when …
(edit) @2978   9 years Peter fix docs typos
(copy) @2943   9 years Peter merge release 0.10 into trunk
copied from branches/0.10-stable/yat/omic/config_bam.h:
(add) @2928   9 years Peter Support different styles of including bam header files: <bam.h>, …
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