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(edit) @1000   15 years Jari Häkkinen trac moved to new location.
(edit) @999   15 years Jari Häkkinen Copyright statement added.
(edit) @998   15 years Peter taking care of ties in calculation of Area Under Curve - refs #144
(edit) @997   15 years Peter bugfix
(edit) @996   15 years Peter correcting OptionSwitch? so it actually listens to commandline. Also …
(edit) @991   15 years Peter removing const when returning by value.
(edit) @990   15 years Peter removing const when returning by value.
(edit) @989   15 years Peter fixed typo
(edit) @986   15 years Peter no comma in help output in case of short flag but no long flag
(edit) @985   15 years Peter minor bug
(edit) @984   15 years Peter implementing refs functions
(edit) @983   15 years Peter typo
(edit) @982   15 years Peter adding description variable for cmd
(edit) @981   15 years Peter adding convenient class for help option
(edit) @980   15 years Peter adding possibility to make option required
(edit) @979   15 years Peter fixing bug in OptionFile?. Dont try to create FileUtil? for option not …
(edit) @978   15 years Peter using std in our vector::shuffle
(edit) @975   15 years Peter adding Option class for argument associated with a file, and fixed …
(edit) @974   15 years Peter improve help output
(edit) @972   15 years Peter well to be correct
(edit) @971   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed bug so things compile on OS X.
(edit) @968   15 years Peter adding mssing files
(edit) @966   15 years Peter fixing some doxygen warnings
(edit) @965   15 years Peter Adding CommandLine? class. finishes #240
(edit) @964   15 years Peter adding function to set maximal training epochs in SVM, and fixed so C …
(edit) @963   15 years Peter fixes #268. SVM throws if when train() fails
(edit) @961   15 years Peter correcting NBC train. refs ticket:271
(edit) @960   15 years Peter fixed ticket:271
(edit) @959   15 years Peter Fixed so NBC and SVM are throwing when unexpected DataLookup2D is …
(edit) @958   15 years Peter allowing mixture of weighted and unweighted iterators in vector_distance
(edit) @956   15 years Markus Ringnér Bug fixing
(edit) @950   15 years Peter SVM::make_classifier is now throwing if KernelLookup? is not passed.
(edit) @949   15 years Peter fixing bug in AveragerWeighted? so actually weights are used when …
(edit) @948   15 years Markus Ringnér Adding support and checks for intended lookups in classifiers
(edit) @938   15 years Peter improving constness correctness
(edit) @937   15 years Peter changing name of IteratorTraits? to iterator_traits
(edit) @936   15 years Peter reimplementing yat_assert as a throwing function
(edit) @935   15 years Peter fixing doxygen problem
(edit) @934   15 years Peter fixing bug when range is one value only
(edit) @933   15 years Peter mad function now takes iterators
(edit) @932   15 years Peter median and percentile functions now take iterators rather than vectors
(edit) @931   15 years Markus Ringnér Working on ticket:259. Removed old Distance see ticket:250
(edit) @930   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed support for MatrixLookup? in NCC. See ticket:259
(edit) @929   15 years Peter grammar
(edit) @928   15 years Peter removing some includes not needed
(edit) @927   15 years Peter modifying weighted euclidean
(edit) @926   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixing minor mistakes so things gets installed with make install
(edit) @925   15 years Markus Ringnér NCC and IGP have been changed to templates on Distance
(edit) @921   15 years Jari Häkkinen Removed undefined macro on MacOSX. Now the yat_assert compiles.
(edit) @919   15 years Peter fixes #239
(edit) @917   15 years Peter fixes #257
(edit) @916   15 years Peter Sorry this commit is a bit to big. Adding a yat_assert. The yat …
(edit) @915   15 years Peter fixing dox
(edit) @914   15 years Peter refactoring add function in Averagers, refs #246
(edit) @913   15 years Peter remove stupid extra include that was added in last ci
(edit) @912   15 years Peter Made add function for AveragerPair? no longer accept weighted …
(edit) @911   15 years Peter Made add function for Averager no longer accept weighted iterators. …
(edit) @910   15 years Peter impl add function for AveragerWeighted?. The function distinguishes …
(edit) @909   15 years Peter using weighted_iterator_traits, closes #151
(edit) @908   15 years Peter adding IteratorWeighted?.h in (so file is included in …
(edit) @904   15 years Peter removing assert from header file
(edit) @902   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixing mistake in last revision (forgot to add KNN.h)
(edit) @901   15 years Markus Ringnér Added a template KNN classifier where the distance measure is the …
(edit) @900   15 years Markus Ringnér Refs #251. Fixed so the unweighted distances are at the …
(edit) @899   15 years Peter changed euclidean to fulfill design criteria, removes …
(edit) @898   15 years Markus Ringnér A first suggestion for how to adress #250. Also removed contamination …
(edit) @897   15 years Peter removing keyword that was mistakingly added before
(edit) @896   15 years Peter
(edit) @895   15 years Peter Another try, hm…
(edit) @894   15 years Peter setting missing property Id on files
(edit) @893   15 years Peter Removing make check' output. Please obey the rule that tests are mute …
(edit) @892   15 years Peter Fixed documentation of sum_squared_deviation
(edit) @891   15 years Markus Ringnér Minor modifications
(edit) @890   15 years Markus Ringnér Refs #245 #246 #247
(edit) @889   15 years Markus Ringnér Refs #245. A new structure to calculate distances between vectors that …
(edit) @888   15 years Peter fixing doxygen parsing
(edit) @887   15 years Peter made add function template so it accepts AveragerWeighted? too. Also …
(edit) @886   15 years Peter add function for Averager and AveragerPair? taking iterators refs #246
(edit) @884   15 years Peter some documentation
(edit) @883   15 years Peter fixing problems with iterator -> const_iterator conversion
(edit) @882   15 years Peter fixing includes - sorry about that
(edit) @881   15 years Peter merged constIterator into Iterator and added an extra template …
(edit) @880   15 years Peter refs #244
(edit) @879   15 years Markus Ringnér Added support to utility::vector for gsl-functions that finds indices …
(edit) @878   15 years Markus Ringnér Problem with previous checkin fixed
(edit) @877   15 years Markus Ringnér This revision breaks the vector_test. I know this is against the rules …
(edit) @876   15 years Jari Häkkinen Added missing #include <cassert>
(edit) @875   15 years Peter rewriting SW algo, making code clearer, and perhaps removing a few bugs...?
(edit) @874   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixes ticket:237
(edit) @873   15 years Peter fixing some docs
(edit) @872   15 years Peter Some docs for TypeInfo?
(edit) @871   15 years Peter minor docs fix
(edit) @869   15 years Peter Adding Smith-Waterman local alignment and modified ssearch to use this …
(edit) @868   15 years Peter fixes ticket:236
(edit) @867   15 years Peter adding function doing a SSEARCH between two strings
(edit) @866   15 years Markus Ringnér refs #236. EnsembleBuilder::predict bug fixed for matrix-based …
(edit) @865   15 years Peter changing URL to
(edit) @863   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed bug in FeatureSelectorIR that resulted in incorrect results!.
(edit) @862   15 years Markus Ringnér Fixed bug in InputRanker? that sometimes gave rise to a bus error …
(edit) @861   15 years Peter adding class to store and compare std::type_info
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