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(edit) @494   17 years Peter added pdf link and creation of Statistics document
(edit) @493   17 years Peter fixed typo in tScore and added make_classifier in SVM
(edit) @492   17 years Peter updated Weighted Statistics document and reimplemented few stuff. …
(edit) @491   17 years Peter made SVM inherit from SupervisedClassifer?
(edit) @490   17 years Peter added tests for AveragerPairWeighted?, corrected docs, and added an …
(edit) @489   17 years Peter added functions to AveragerPairWeighted?. Not tested yet.
(edit) @488   17 years Peter made Score classes ignoring data points with weight zero
(edit) @487   17 years Peter mad covariance calculation coherent with variance and added tests for …
(edit) @486   17 years Peter aligned AveragerWeighted? with Averager and added tests for checking …
(edit) @485   17 years Markus Ringnér First draft of EnsembleBuilder?
(edit) @484   17 years Peter added tests to Averager and fixed bug
(edit) @483   17 years Peter Went through averager class. Changed function to be sum_xx and …
(edit) @482   17 years Peter modified interface to CrossSplitter?, added functions to DataLookup2D …
(edit) @481   17 years Markus Ringnér Initial versions that will not compile but are more documentation for …
(edit) @480   17 years Jari Häkkinen Changed the statistics link once more. Added Markus to authors. Added …
(edit) @479   17 years Jari Häkkinen Removed obsolete doxygen config entry.
(edit) @478   17 years Peter removed KernelView? again - somehow the file was resurrected when the …
(edit) @477   17 years Jari Häkkinen
(edit) @476   17 years Markus Ringnér Added interface class for supervised classifiers. Fixed NCC to comply …
(edit) @475   17 years Peter I dont know what happened, but everything is changed…
(edit) @472   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added mr Markus.
(edit) @465   17 years Peter implemented score for WilcoxonFoldChange?
(edit) @464   17 years Peter made median template
(edit) @463   17 years Peter fixed bug in KernelView? constructor and updated tests
(edit) @462   17 years Peter changed link to svnstat plot to my place
(edit) @461   17 years Peter ?
(edit) @460   17 years Peter changed name of class
(edit) @459   17 years Peter only one class per line in
(edit) @458   17 years Markus Ringnér namespace svm changed to classifier
(edit) @457   17 years Markus Ringnér
(edit) @456   17 years Markus Ringnér Updated to use DataViews?
(edit) @455   17 years Markus Ringnér Adding classes to support general views of matrices (and kernels). …
(edit) @454   17 years Markus Ringnér Added class for Nearest Centroid Classifier
(edit) @453   17 years Peter changed namespace svm to classifier in test
(edit) @452   17 years Peter it should compile now
(edit) @451   17 years Peter directory svm -> classifier
(edit) @450   17 years Peter starting to move namespace svm, it wont work compiling for a while, …
(edit) @449   17 years Peter added approximative p-value calculation using Chi2, fixed some bugs, …
(edit) @448   17 years Peter oops, at least compiling now
(edit) @447   17 years Peter added copy constructor for KernelView? and added construction of …
(edit) @446   17 years Peter added copy constructor for KernelView? and added construction of …
(edit) @445   17 years Peter added reset function and copy constructor to SVM
(edit) @444   17 years Markus Ringnér cosmetic change of printout
(edit) @443   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added missing virtual destructors.
(edit) @442   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added include of needed header files.
(edit) @441   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added include of cassert
(edit) @440   17 years Jari Häkkinen Added include of cassert
(edit) @439   17 years Markus Ringnér Fixed istream parsing when separator is last on line: a trailing NaN …
(edit) @438   17 years Markus Ringnér Fixed the test for checking for unexpected characters in vector …
(edit) @437   17 years Jari Häkkinen Minor style fixes.
(edit) @436   17 years Markus Ringnér Added support for NaN:s in read_to_int and read_to_double. Added …
(edit) @435   17 years Markus Ringnér Changed to using stringstreams when checking types for strings
(edit) @434   17 years Markus Ringnér Modified istream constructors to support both the old format and CSV …
(edit) @433   17 years Markus Ringnér Added member function to add all values in a gsl vector
(edit) @432   17 years Markus Ringnér Added operator<< for pairs
(edit) @431   17 years Markus Ringnér Added sort elements member function
(edit) @430   17 years Peter changed interface of Regression::Local
(edit) @429   17 years Peter separating weighted and non-weighted regression to different classes.
(edit) @428   17 years Peter improved doc in Score
(edit) @427   17 years Peter modified Averagers so their size in unsigned
(edit) @425   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed bug in DiscreteUniform?. Added seeding support for classes …
(edit) @424   17 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed documentation and moved around code.
(edit) @423   18 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed gnuplot to generate png.
(edit) @422   18 years Peter Fixed statistics script. png generation must be fixed.
(edit) @421   18 years Jari Häkkinen Created non-sense matrix*vector operator.
(edit) @420   18 years Jari Häkkinen Merged better_matrix_class changes r402:419 into the trunk.
(edit) @414   18 years Peter adding FoldChange? class and fixing bugs in Score classes
(edit) @412   18 years Peter fixing bug with window in both ends
(edit) @411   18 years Jari Häkkinen Move todo items to trac.
(edit) @410   18 years Peter removed p-value from Score baseclass interface
(edit) @401   18 years Peter fixing problem in test
(edit) @400   18 years Peter cleaning up AveragerWeighted?
(edit) @399   18 years Peter moved test averagers to one file changed -p flag to -v flag
(edit) @398   18 years Peter added todo to AveragerWeighted?
(edit) @397   18 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed issues in AveragerWeighted?, added todo items.
(edit) @396   18 years Peter remove files from testing soft link
(edit) @395   18 years Peter testing even more stuff
(edit) @394   18 years Peter testing soft links
(edit) @393   18 years Peter extended test of matrix
(edit) @392   18 years Peter minor changes
(edit) @391   18 years Peter added todo
(edit) @390   18 years Peter added todo to matrix
(edit) @389   18 years Peter moved kernel to regression namespace and tried to fix some dox issues
(edit) @388   18 years Peter added test on Regression::Linear
(edit) @387   18 years Jari Häkkinen Initial documentation for resgression namespace.
(edit) @386   18 years Jari Häkkinen Extracted the underlying GSL multifit algo from Polynomial into …
(edit) @385   18 years Jari Häkkinen Continued fixing of regression stuff.
(edit) @384   18 years Peter removed Merge and OneDimensional?.cc
(edit) @383   18 years Jari Häkkinen Moved regression stuff into a namespace ...statistics::regression. …
(edit) @382   18 years Peter added todos on Kernel classes
(edit) @381   18 years Jari Häkkinen Fixed alphabetizing.
(edit) @380   18 years Peter corrected dox
(edit) @379   18 years Peter removed min parameter in uniform_int and added test to rnd_test
(edit) @378   18 years Jari Häkkinen Minor documentation change.
(edit) @377   18 years Jari Häkkinen Replaced utility::random_singleton.* with random::random.*
(edit) @376   18 years Jari Häkkinen Removed polluting inclusions of std namespace.
(edit) @375   18 years Jari Häkkinen Changed filenames lib/random/Random.* to lib/random/random.*
(edit) @374   18 years Jari Häkkinen Added documentation. Added missing Implemented seeding of …
(edit) @373   18 years Peter modified (deleted) rnd_test to make it compile. Should be modified to …
(edit) @372   18 years Peter modified function normalize in histogram
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