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#710 speed up Kendall::score using NlogN algorithm Peter enhancement major statistics trunk
#798 output sorted bam buffer Peter request major omic
#958 Read - process - write MT pattern Peter request major utility trunk
#961 more informative exception from VCF::Data and VCF::Info Peter enhancement major omic trunk
#962 Aligner::Cigar(string) constructor Jari Häkkinen request major utility trunk
#963 Confidence interval for median (& other percentiles) Peter request major statistics trunk
#964 move constructor and assignment for DiscreteGeneral Peter request major random 0.17.2
#965 default constructor for DiscreteGeneral Peter request major random trunk
#966 prefer std::shared_ptr in BamReadIterator Peter enhancement minor omic trunk
#968 rvalue insert in SegmentTree Peter request minor utility trunk
#972 Target::labels(void) should be const Markus Ringnér request minor classifier 0.18
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