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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#381 Generalize Kernel_MEV Peter request major utility trunk
#769 class calculating likelihood ratio test for binomial models Peter request major statistics
#770 ostream_iterator with no separator after last element Peter request major utility
#775 uncompressed OutBamFile Peter request major omic
#783 convert<double>("-nan") fails Peter discussion major utility 0.11
#784 BamPairIterator Peter request major omic
#785 CIGAR functionality Peter request major omic 0.11.1
#792 BamRead::flag is not implemented Peter defect major omic 0.11.2
#797 yat/omic/algorithm.h is missing include Peter defect major omic 0.11.1
#804 remove and rename are not implemented Peter defect major utility 0.11.2
#771 test version number of libyat in shell tests that link against libyat Peter enhancement minor test
#772 calculate mutual information Peter request minor statistics trunk
#778 throw OutBamFile::error from OutBamFile::write(const BamRead& read) Peter request minor omic
#780 Aligner vertical and horizon gap Peter enhancement minor documentation 0.11.1
#790 workaround for BamPairIterator::operator-> Peter request minor omic trunk
#789 ./configure CXXFLAGS="-g -O3" Jari Häkkinen discussion trivial build 0.11.2
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