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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#794 support for htslib Peter request critical build
#786 deprecate utility::Range Jari Häkkinen request major utility
#796 benjamini hochberg on unsorted range Peter request major statistics
#799 allow conversion in get(map, key) Peter enhancement major utility
#800 Scheduler Peter specification major utility trunk
#806 bam pileup Peter request major omic trunk
#807 Yates' correction in Fisher Peter enhancement major statistics
#816 create CigarIterator from Aligner::Cigar Peter request major utility trunk
#817 access misc text in BamHeader Peter request major omic 0.12.1
#830 calculate BAM's alignment score from cigar and reference Peter request major omic trunk
#832 Scheduler causes pthread_mutex_lock assertion Peter defect major utility trunk
#846 ROC::p_value() returns value greater than 1 Peter defect major statistics 0.12.2
#795 write a test for macro YAT_HEADER_ASSERT Peter request minor test trunk
#802 AveragerWeighted::n(void) returns NaN for empty object Peter specification minor statistics 0.11.2
#814 IGP: avoid calculating distance between every pair Peter enhancement minor classifier 0.12.1
#818 SegmentSet::insert_merge(range) Peter request minor utility 0.12.1
#822 fails when htslib installed outside runtime linker path Peter defect minor test trunk
#826 function and/or functor to compare bam query name Peter request minor omic 0.12.2
#831 PriorityQueue Peter request minor utility trunk
#847 ROC p_value; when is exact method used Peter defect minor documentation 0.12.2
#808 prefer using .private variable (when possible) in yat.pc Peter enhancement trivial build
#809 use zlib's pc file Peter enhancement trivial build
#811 brokeln html link to trivial iterator Peter defect trivial documentation trunk
#813 add short description of IGP Peter enhancement trivial documentation trunk
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