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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#293 False Discovery Rate Peter request major statistics trunk
#637 Always detect `--help` option Peter enhancement major utility trunk
#647 Parsing GFF files Peter request major omic trunk
#650 tests fail with old autotools Peter defect major test 0.7
#666 Tukey biweight estimator Peter request major statistics trunk
#668 test for yat_am_macros Peter request major test trunk
#674 deprecate seed functions in random base classes (Discrete Continuous)? Peter defect major random 0.7.2
#678 ROC::p_value_one_sided returns small p-value for small area Peter defect major statistics trunk
#679 erase elements from SegmentMap Segment Set Peter request major utility 0.7.3
#680 mutable find function in SegmentTree Peter request major utility 0.7.3
#685 compiler warning about default argument in utility::load Peter defect major utility trunk
#687 concept_check doesn't compile with gcc3 Jari Häkkinen defect major build trunk
#695 convert<unsigned int>("-1") does not throw Peter defect major utility trunk
#144 Tie in ROC Peter defect minor statistics trunk
#620 use AC_CONFIG_HEADER to genrate yat/utility/version.h Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor build trunk
#654 allow silent-rules? Peter request minor build trunk
#655 avoid expanding variables in yat.pc Peter request minor build trunk
#656 convert numerical type to string Peter request minor utility trunk
#659 yat_am_macros (re)create files every time autoconf is run Peter enhancement minor m4 trunk
#670 yat_am_macros tests fail Peter defect minor test trunk
#671 Increase accuracy in Averager Peter enhancement minor statistics trunk
#672 DNA assignment from char Peter request minor omic 0.7.2
#675 document how to turn off deprecate warnings Peter enhancement minor documentation trunk
#677 When to use approximation for ROC p-value Peter defect minor statistics trunk
#681 Missing deprecated list Peter defect minor documentation trunk
#684 compiler icpc complains about -pedantic Peter defect minor build trunk
#392 doxygen, tests, and His ol' Grandma Jari Häkkinen discussion trivial build trunk
#652 mention provided funtors that work with Centralizer Peter enhancement trivial normalizer 0.7.1
#657 make srcdir and builddir siblings in maintainer-check Peter enhancement trivial m4 trunk
#662 create test/environment.h with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS Peter enhancement trivial build trunk
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