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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#298 redesign of vector class Peter request critical utility
#168 Calculate mse_ in PolynomialWeighted::fit() Peter defect major yat 0.2 regression
#197 connect Project number in doxygen.config with version number in Markus Ringnér request major yat 0.3 (Public release) classifier
#297 PearsonCorrelation should have interface using iterators Peter request major statistics
#304 add ranges function in Averagers - member function or free function? Markus Ringnér enhancement major statistics
#326 yat m4 macro Jari Häkkinen request major build
#707 Generalization of Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman Peter request major utility
#946 calculate Kendall::score in nlogn time Peter enhancement major statistics
#266 what is statistics::add in utility.h doing? Peter enhancement minor statistics
#610 test using autotools should be skipped when now recent versions of autotools are available Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor test
#833 get functions doesn't allow implicit conversion Peter defect minor utility
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