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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#274 end() of Iterator Markus Ringnér discussion critical yat 0.4 classifier
#844 adjust for API changes in GSL 2.0 Peter request critical statistics
#230 Use variables in namespace AM_ Jari Häkkinen request major yat 0.4 build
#238 clone function in DataLookup2D returning pointer to new DataLookup2D based on subset of features Peter defect major yat 0.4 classifier
#279 build_support is not included in a dist Jari Häkkinen defect major yat 0.4 build
#290 Histogram output operator Peter enhancement major statistics
#465 normalizer/Centralizer.h contains forbidden code? Peter defect major yat 0.5 normalizer
#490 mark typedefs with doxygen tag \typedef Peter request major documentation
#516 Make Matrix and Vector usable with std::algorithm Jari Häkkinen discussion major utility
#608 missing reference_type in StrideIterator<double*> Peter defect major utility
#682 fails on thep system Peter defect major test
#870 KernalPCA breaks with GSL 2.2 Peter defect major utility
#348 AveragerPairWeighted::correlation return inf and -inf Peter defect minor statistics
#384 what are the dependcy on 'make doc' Peter enhancement minor build
#497 distinguish LIBS and LIBS.private in yat.pc Peter defect minor build
#509 bootstrap fails updating libtool script Peter defect minor build
#651 link some test against libutility rather than libyat Peter enhancement minor test
#708 docs generated in html not doc/html Peter defect minor build
#744 documentation claims BamReadIterators are not independent Peter defect minor documentation
#763 YAT_LT_LINK_IFELSE does not respect late changes to variables Peter defect minor m4
#209 svd_test uses operator|= Jari Häkkinen defect trivial yat 0.3 (Public release) test
#286 documentation on vector and matrix functions Jari Häkkinen enhancement trivial documentation
#387 allow to disable configure run-time checks Jari Häkkinen enhancement trivial build
#394 libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish Jari Häkkinen defect trivial build
#417 prefer $(macro) rather than @substitutions@ in Peter enhancement trivial build
#642 warnings from autoconf 2.68 Peter defect trivial build
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