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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Restrict access to vector and matrix internal GSL stuff Jari Häkkinen enhancement major gslapi
#13 Go through SMO code in SVM.train Peter request major classifier
#54 CrossSplitter of type Matrix from CrossSplitter of type Kernel Peter enhancement major yat 0.3 (Public release) classifier
#58 specification of file format for objects Peter request major classifier
#67 Implement 'make doc+stat+publish' properly. Jari Häkkinen request major yat 0.2 documentation
#69 Overhaul of trac and doxygen documentation Markus Ringnér defect major yat 0.2 documentation
#86 SVM should use a MatrixLookup (and not KernelLookup) when feature selection is used. Peter enhancement major yat 0.3 (Public release) classifier
#105 remove asserts in header files Peter defect major yat 0.3 (Public release) classifier
#169 Use MTL for Vector and Matrix Jari Häkkinen discussion major utility
#187 Add a compiler flag to remove checks for GSL errors? enhancement major build
#210 Distance should take DataLookupWeighted1D Peter enhancement major yat 0.4 statistics
#248 avoid using GSL sort algo in vector::sort Jari Häkkinen enhancement major yat 0.4 utility
#284 hide your members Markus Ringnér request major classifier
#301 NCC - how to calculate the centroid Markus Ringnér discussion major classifier
#332 configure does not find my ATLAS Jari Häkkinen enhancement major build
#347 #includes: "yat/utility/utility.h" or "../utility/utility.h" Peter discussion major build
#495 `make uninstall` removes installed files but not directories Jari Häkkinen discussion major build
#515 Why isn't theplu::yat::utility::Index a derived class of std::vector<size_t>? Jari Häkkinen discussion major utility
#641 Segment MultiContainer Peter request major utility
#653 set functions on SegmentSet (and friends possibly) Peter request major utility
#661 Segments are hard-coded as semi-open Jari Häkkinen request major utility
#692 matrix.test + 3 friends crash when linked against libmkl Peter defect major utility
#704 throw rather than abort in assertions Peter discussion major utility
#758 Symbol not found: _bam_nt16_rev_table Peter defect major build
#760 Create a macro that can test whether static library is available Peter request major m4
#779 Behaviour of BamHeader copy constructor Peter discussion major omic
#853 compare if two file paths refers to the same file Jari Häkkinen request major utility
#854 avoid using non-standard sys/stat.h Peter discussion major utility
#897 passing VectorExpression to function taking const VectorBase& does not compile Jari Häkkinen defect major utility
#948 handle missing values (.) in VCF files Peter request major yat 0.18 omic
#951 PCA(Matrix&&) and SVD(Matrix&&) not implemented Jari Häkkinen defect major utility
#967 vcf_file2.test seg faults Jari Häkkinen defect major test
#971 inverse of binomial cumulative distribution Peter request major statistics
#16 save and load SVM Peter enhancement minor yat 0.3 (Public release) classifier
#188 Use GSL defined round of errors? Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor test
#277 Averager clone holding more information Peter discussion minor statistics
#336 avoid including installed yat Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor build
#350 function to calculate t-score-pvalue from t-score and dof Peter enhancement minor yat 0.5 statistics
#351 Estimating parameter p (and confidence interval) in binomial distribution Peter request minor statistics
#453 avoid self-assignment of weights in 1D-normalizers Peter enhancement minor normalizer
#621 Check that Matrix and friends fulfill requirement for Forward Container Peter request minor utility
#701 avoid release merge conflicts Peter discussion minor build
#712 deprecate SmartPtr Peter request minor utility
#829 compiler warning: comma at end of enumerator list Jari Häkkinen defect minor build
#843 Binomial Confidence Interval Peter request minor statistics
#959 utility::Dereferencer doesn't work with smart pointers Jari Häkkinen discussion minor utility
#32 add sensitivity to SVM Peter enhancement trivial classifier
#34 implement << for std::vector Jari Häkkinen enhancement trivial yat 0.3 (Public release) utility
#55 smart dynamically allocated Lookups Peter enhancement trivial yat 0.2 classifier
#85 Forward declaration of string (check Scotts advise) Jari Häkkinen defect trivial yat 0.3 (Public release) utility
#121 garbage_ in FeatureSelector should it be there? Peter request trivial yat 0.2 classifier
#199 NNI should use Euclidean Markus Ringnér enhancement trivial yat 0.4 classifier
#385 AX_PATH_GSL fails if gslcblas is not available Jari Häkkinen defect trivial yat 0.6 build
#419 ./configure: line 3353: echo: write error: Broken pipe Peter defect trivial build
#477 compiler do optimize in --enable-debug mode Jari Häkkinen discussion trivial build
#727 mention how manipulate GSL error handler in Doxygen docs Peter request trivial documentation
#801 non-standard functions Jari Häkkinen defect trivial utility
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