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Generalization of Needleman-Wunsch and Smith-Waterman

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NW-alignment and SW-alignment are special cases of a more general alignment algorithm. I suggest implement this general alignment algorithm and refactor NeedlemanWunsch and SmithWaterman? functions using this algorithm.

There are four differences between NW and SW (in our versions):

  1. Our NW doesn't have an open_gap term, i.e., open_gap=0.
  2. NW has an interface to retrieve the alignment, i.e., which elements aligned.
  3. The Matrix, m, is initialized differently. In NW m(0,n)=m(n,0)=-n*gap and -inf rest of Matrix whereas in SW m(n,m)=0.
  4. In NW returned score is lower right element of m, i.e., m(m.rows()-1, m.columns()-1) whereas in SW max(m) is returned.

To create an algorithm that covers these differences we need:

  1. Support open_gap term (perhaps even add it to NW API)
  2. A way to retrieve the alignment, probably as separate function in a class, so one first calls Aligner::operator() and then Aligner::alignment()
  3. Matrix, m, is initialized outside class and passed to operator()
  4. Matrix m is returned C-style by being passed as a Matrix&.

The most unclear thing is 2.) what is the format to retrieve the alignment. I don't like the format in NW where the path is stored as vector<pair<size_t, size_t> >. Perhaps the best option is to store the Matrix that is called choice in NW and array in SW. But I see no need to store this info in a float Matrix when there are only for cases (see enum in SW).

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