Mar 23, 2006:

10:38 AM Changeset [569] by Peter
modified prediction from SVM

Mar 22, 2006:

6:43 PM Changeset [568] by Peter
minor change in SVM

Mar 21, 2006:

9:28 PM Changeset [567] by Markus Ringnér
Fixed error message when ,atrix contains elements not covertible to …

Mar 16, 2006:

6:26 PM Ticket #56 (SVM convergence problem) created by Peter
In maximal margin case ( C=infinity ) SVM sometimes do keep on …
5:21 PM Changeset [566] by Peter
fixed bug in selected function in Kernels
3:19 PM Changeset [565] by Peter
removed default row/column in constructors (MatrixLookup? and DataLookup1D)

Mar 15, 2006:

6:23 PM Ticket #55 (smart dynamically allocated Lookups) created by Peter
For the time being there are a number of functions generating …
5:28 PM Changeset [564] by Peter
weight MatrixLookup? from a KernelLookup?
3:59 PM Ticket #54 (CrossSplitter of type Matrix from CrossSplitter of type Kernel) created by Peter
It would be useful to have a CrossSplitter? constructor that creates a …
3:45 PM Ticket #27 (Create Classifier::Ensemble) closed by Peter
fixed: done
3:44 PM Ticket #13 (Go through SMO code in SVM.train) closed by Peter
wontfix: There is nothing onvious glue code, hence nothing will be fixed.
10:20 AM Changeset [563] by Jari Häkkinen
Added copyright statement.
10:19 AM Changeset [562] by Jari Häkkinen
Corrected copyright statement.
10:14 AM Changeset [561] by Jari Häkkinen
Fixed documentation, added copyright statement.

Mar 13, 2006:

4:42 PM Ticket #53 (Constructor gslapi::vector(void)) created by Peter
See also #42 In void constructor (also in matrix class) all internal …
3:36 PM Changeset [560] by Markus Ringnér
Minor fixes plus fixed bug in ConsensusInputRanker?

Mar 11, 2006:

11:21 PM Changeset [559] by Peter
some changes in EB

Mar 10, 2006:

4:58 PM Changeset [558] by Peter
ConsensusInputRanker? now supports weights
4:39 PM Ticket #40 (Feature selection interaction with sampler) closed by Peter

Mar 9, 2006:

9:38 AM Changeset [557] by Peter
fixed bug in Averager::variance

Mar 8, 2006:

2:09 PM Changeset [556] by Peter
correcting assignment operators
9:48 AM Changeset [555] by Peter
inserted private operator=

Mar 7, 2006:

3:22 PM Changeset [554] by Markus Ringnér
added small test
2:53 PM Changeset [553] by Peter
added range check in KernelLookup? Constructor and clarified doc in …
2:52 PM Changeset [552] by Peter
killed bug in SVM
2:39 PM Changeset [551] by Markus Ringnér
Added tests of two nested CrossSplitters? to crossvalidation_test
11:58 AM Changeset [550] by Peter
removed assert from matrix.h
10:43 AM Changeset [549] by Peter
forgot to add file

Mar 6, 2006:

7:00 PM Changeset [548] by Peter
fixed bug in Kernels
3:48 PM Changeset [547] by Peter
deleting dynamically allocated kernels in SVM destructor
3:48 PM Changeset [546] by Peter
inlined function
2:35 PM Changeset [545] by Peter
added feature selection for SVM

Mar 5, 2006:

6:33 PM Changeset [544] by Peter
corrected SVM::make_classifier
5:42 PM Changeset [543] by Peter
moved destruction of ranker to SupervisedClassifier?
4:49 PM Ticket #48 (implement SVM::predict) closed by Peter
fixed: Done.
4:46 PM Changeset [542] by Peter
added predict function in SVM supporting weight
4:22 PM Ticket #36 (add weights to CrossSplitter) closed by Peter
fixed: Done. When a weight matrix is not given in constructor weights with …
4:20 PM Changeset [541] by Peter
weights supported in CrossSplitter?
4:02 PM Changeset [540] by Peter
added weights in CrossSplitter? - not supported in interface though.
2:44 PM Ticket #52 (Nan*0 treatment in GaussianKernelFunction) closed by Peter
fixed: Fixed. Data values with zero weight are ignored.
2:33 PM Changeset [539] by Peter
re-introduced prediction in SVM
10:52 AM Changeset [538] by Peter
corrected test for KernelLookup?
10:30 AM Changeset [537] by Peter
forked tests and fixed bugs

Mar 3, 2006:

10:19 PM Changeset [536] by Peter
fixed problem with ConsensusInputranker? - Now all tests do pass
4:15 PM Changeset [535] by Peter
changed minor stupid stuff in gslapi
12:27 PM Changeset [534] by Peter
bug fixes in MatrixLookup? and extended test
11:29 AM Changeset [533] by Peter
test for MatrixLookup?. NOTE: consensus_inputranker_test still fails
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