May 4, 2006:

5:09 PM Ticket #61 (add operator[] DataLookup1D) closed by Markus Ringnér
5:08 PM Changeset [581] by Markus Ringnér
Added class for in-group-proportions score. Removed gslapi::vector …
2:45 PM Ticket #64 (re-write score functions and Averagers taking vectors) created by Peter
should be done a template so any container could be used. Only …
2:42 PM Ticket #63 (remove constructor gslapi::vector(DataLookup1D&)) created by Peter
We want gslapi namespace to be clean and independent.
2:41 PM Ticket #62 (add operator[] gslapi::vector) created by Peter
2:40 PM Ticket #61 (add operator[] DataLookup1D) created by Peter
this will allow us to templatize Score functions Average classes, and …
12:28 PM Changeset [580] by Jari Häkkinen
11:44 AM Changeset [579] by Jari Häkkinen
Removed obsolete lines.
11:41 AM Ticket #60 (Split CrossSplitter into Sampler and SubSet) created by Peter
Sampler should be the class taking care of creating training index and …
10:41 AM Ticket #59 (NCC should accept external quality weights) created by Markus Ringnér
NCC uses a MatrixLookup? for data. From this MatrixLookUp?, binary …

Apr 22, 2006:

1:57 PM Ticket #58 (specification of file format for objects) created by Peter
It would be good to be able to save objects sequentially in one file. …

Apr 13, 2006:

2:43 PM Ticket #57 (implement Naive Baysian Classifier) created by Peter

Apr 7, 2006:

9:26 AM Changeset [578] by Jari Häkkinen
Removed stray file.
9:18 AM Changeset [577] by Jari Häkkinen
More lib changed to c++_tools stuff.
12:43 AM Changeset [576] by Jari Häkkinen
lib changed to c++_tools
12:36 AM Changeset [575] by Jari Häkkinen
Renaming lib to c++_tools.
12:19 AM Changeset [574] by Jari Häkkinen
Removing symbolic link.
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