Jun 12, 2008:

8:51 PM Changeset [1340] by Peter
fixing so declarations match implementations

Jun 7, 2008:

1:58 AM Changeset [1339] by Peter
Adding \since tag for new classes and functions
12:13 AM Changeset [1338] by Peter
updating docs

Jun 6, 2008:

9:00 PM Changeset [1337] by Peter
correcting docs
8:52 PM Changeset [1336] by Peter
7:42 PM Changeset [1335] by Peter
missing from last commit
7:41 PM Changeset [1334] by Peter
Adding class Range

Jun 4, 2008:

4:59 PM Ticket #381 (Generalize Kernel_MEV) created by Peter
A matrix that calculates its element on the fly. It holds two ranges: …

Jun 3, 2008:

9:38 PM Ticket #380 (Default argument in OptionArg) created by Peter
Does it make sense to be able to set a default argument, i.e., if the …
8:36 PM Ticket #379 (Document how output created by OptionHelp) created by Peter
Give an example and explain how it can be tailored using the member …

May 31, 2008:

11:46 PM Changeset [1333] by Peter
updating copyright
11:37 PM Ticket #378 (FileUtil::exists() fails on large files) closed by Peter
fixed: in [1332]
11:36 PM Changeset [1332] by Peter
fixes #378

May 30, 2008:

2:48 AM Changeset [1331] by Peter
oops mistake in previous commit
2:33 AM Changeset [1330] by Peter
update LT_VERSION (a++) since implementation (in FileUtil?) was …
2:02 AM Ticket #378 (FileUtil::exists() fails on large files) created by Peter
Calling FileUtil::exists() on a large (37Gb) file results in […] …
12:55 AM Changeset [1329] by Peter
Fixed bug with errno. errno is int and taking string+int is not healthy.

May 29, 2008:

10:46 PM Ticket #377 (class for nucleotides) created by Peter
I need some utilities for dealing with sequences of nucleotides both …
10:12 PM Ticket #376 (configure reports flag info that may be misleading) created by Peter
In end of confiugure.ac we have these lines […] giving a summary …
4:46 PM Ticket #375 (send dogygen error message to a file) created by Peter
related to ticket:374 and ticket:162 Currently the error message is …
11:09 AM Ticket #233 (Links to documentation are broken) closed by Jari Häkkinen
fixed: Fixed, the trunk docs are not up to date.
10:58 AM Ticket #374 (Make documentation cron job report failures through email to maintainer.) created by Jari Häkkinen
related to ticket:375

May 28, 2008:

6:55 PM Ticket #233 (Links to documentation are broken) reopened by Peter
Link to trunk docs is broken again.

May 27, 2008:

5:50 PM Ticket #373 (Paramaterize how to calculate the average in Quantile Normalization) created by Peter

May 24, 2008:

7:47 PM Ticket #372 (version.h is not found by doxygen (when using VPATH)) created by Peter
Doxygen only look for src in $(top_srsdir)/yat. However, version.h
8:07 AM Changeset [1328] by Peter
added missing docs
7:53 AM Ticket #352 (modify FLAGS when configure option --with-gsl-prefix) closed by Peter
fixed: fixed in [1327]
7:53 AM Changeset [1327] by Peter
fixes #352
6:12 AM Changeset [1326] by Peter
correcting Id keyword
6:07 AM Changeset [1325] by Peter
adding info on boost
6:03 AM Ticket #370 (using boost) closed by Peter
fixed: As of r1324 yat requires Boost
6:00 AM Changeset [1324] by Peter
Boost is now required (ticket:370). Boost 1.33 is required, which is a …
2:25 AM Changeset [1323] by Peter
change template name to RandomAccessIterator? to clarify that …

May 23, 2008:

5:54 PM Changeset [1322] by Peter
corrected docs
4:21 PM Ticket #371 (remove ax_prefix_config_h.m4) created by Peter
It was introduced in r1319 and should in principle have been removed …
4:14 PM Changeset [1321] by Peter
Basically reverting r1319. I was not happy with the macro, so create …

May 22, 2008:

9:03 PM Changeset [1320] by Peter
vector -> Vector in docs
4:37 PM Ticket #370 (using boost) created by Peter
Working on ticket:369 I realize that implementing an iterator is …

May 21, 2008:

6:06 PM Ticket #355 (installation of config.h is flawed) closed by Peter
fixed: (in [1319]) config.h is no longer installed. Therefore, do not include …
6:03 PM Changeset [1319] by Peter
config.h is no longer installed. Therefore, do not include config.h …
5:25 PM Changeset [1318] by Peter
fixed compilation error
2:23 PM Changeset [1317] by Peter
moving implementation of percentile to a functor: Percentiler

May 20, 2008:

9:49 PM Changeset [1316] by Peter
removed include
6:32 AM Ticket #369 (create unweighted iterator from weighted iterator) created by Peter
needed for ticket:366 related to ticket:368 and ticket:391 A …
6:14 AM Ticket #368 (create weighted iterator from two unweighted iterators) created by Peter
related to ticket:369 Implement a weighted iterator that holds two …
1:03 AM Ticket #367 (preprocessor guards for deprecated functions) created by Peter
I would like to have preprocessor guards to surround deprecated …

May 19, 2008:

11:36 PM Changeset [1315] by Peter
fixed some docs and bugs for the unweighted operator refs #20
11:07 PM Ticket #189 (There are output to cerr in some library classes. Should these throw ...) closed by Peter
fixed: I'll remove the warnings when implementing the function. I have moved …
7:47 PM Ticket #330 (use convert in istream constructor for Vector a Matrix) closed by Peter
fixed: fixed in [1313] and [1314]
7:45 PM Changeset [1314] by Peter
closes #330
7:44 PM Changeset [1313] by Peter
refs #330 for Matrix
6:31 PM Ticket #360 (template function to check if a string is convertable to a specific ...) closed by Peter
fixed: fixed in [1312]
6:30 PM Changeset [1312] by Peter
closes ticket:360 a template function to check if a string is of type …
4:30 PM Ticket #180 (test CommandLine) closed by Peter
3:47 PM Ticket #324 (meta-function taking (un)weighted_type and return Averager (or ...) closed by Peter

May 18, 2008:

10:31 PM WikiStart edited by Jari Häkkinen
The change in http://trac.thep.lu.se/yat/wiki/WikiStart?version=32 … (diff)

May 17, 2008:

5:42 AM Ticket #359 (Smooth histogram) closed by Peter
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