Jul 28, 2010:

8:33 PM Changeset [2304] by Peter
add include found when compiling with gcc 4.4
7:47 PM Changeset [2303] by Peter
missing include

Jul 24, 2010:

4:51 AM Changeset [2302] by Peter
using boost function in to_lower and to_upper to make them respect the …
3:12 AM Changeset [2301] by Peter
allow hook in make release that is called after tarball (and md5 file) …

Jul 22, 2010:

3:57 PM SubversionCheckout edited by Peter
3:05 PM ReleaseProcedure edited by Peter
use scp to upload files (diff)

Jul 21, 2010:

5:52 AM ReleaseProcedure edited by Peter
releases should be uploaded to sourceforge (diff)
5:39 AM WikiStart edited by Peter
5:37 AM DownloadPage edited by Peter
slim down old download page (diff)
5:32 AM SubversionCheckout created by Peter
5:26 AM WikiStart edited by Peter
new section Source Code (diff)

Jul 20, 2010:

5:59 PM Changeset [2300] by Peter
3:01 PM WikiStart edited by Peter
added pointer to mailinglist (diff)

Jul 12, 2010:

5:38 PM Ticket #622 (no table in Container2D concept page) closed by Peter
fixed: (In [2299]) set border in html table. fixes #622
5:38 PM Changeset [2299] by Peter
set border in html table. fixes #622
5:26 PM Changeset [2298] by Peter
update AUTHORS
3:22 PM Changeset [2297] by Peter
dvi, ps, and pdf docs are no longer supported

Jul 8, 2010:

9:39 PM Changeset [2296] by Peter
class SegmentSet?: added function clear and fixed bug in insert. …
2:45 PM Changeset [2295] by Peter
fix typo in comment

Jul 7, 2010:

8:19 PM Changeset [2294] by Peter
refs #635. fix return type (int) in compare_3way and add some more …
6:33 PM Changeset [2293] by Peter
adding a function that takes intersection of two Sections. refs #635
6:32 PM Changeset [2292] by Peter
always use Compare functor in Segment (not std::less)
5:09 PM Changeset [2291] by Peter
refs #635. New classes Segment and SegmentSet?.
8:27 AM Changeset [2290] by Peter
fixing type. files belong to yat

Jul 2, 2010:

5:43 PM Ticket #635 (class for a Segment) created by Peter
Mother of tickets #640 and #641 I need a class that can compare …
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