Sep 16, 2010:

11:39 PM Ticket #641 (Segment MultiContainer) created by Peter
daughter of #635 When intervals may overlap the container is a bit …
11:36 PM Ticket #640 (SegmentMap) created by Peter
daughter of #635 Create a class similar to SegmentSet but a map …
7:42 PM Ticket #639 (PCA on a Kernel Matrix) created by Peter
The PCA class works on a data matrix, i.e., it calculates the …

Sep 3, 2010:

12:40 AM Changeset [2321] by Peter
adding missing include

Aug 25, 2010:

10:48 AM WikiStart edited by Jari Häkkinen
Removed link to yat 0.5 and 0.6 pdfs since these aren't generated anymore. (diff)

Aug 24, 2010:

8:45 PM Changeset [2320] by Peter
doc typo

Aug 20, 2010:

9:11 PM Changeset [2319] by Peter
fixed more problems with overflow in Fisher. refs #638
7:23 PM Changeset [2318] by Peter
correcting when to skip test_large_numbers in fisher_test
6:10 AM Changeset [2317] by Peter
updating copyright years
6:04 AM Changeset [2316] by Peter
remove includes not needed
5:53 AM Ticket #611 (commandline_test fails during distcheck) closed by Peter
worksforme: I haven't seen this problem for long time. Please reopen if it happens …
5:51 AM Ticket #638 (overflow in Fisher) closed by Peter
fixed: (In [2315]) prefer casting to double first and then multiply rather …
5:51 AM Changeset [2315] by Peter
prefer casting to double first and then multiply rather than the …
12:26 AM Changeset [2314] by Peter
refs #638. adding a test for Fisher with large values
12:10 AM Ticket #638 (overflow in Fisher) created by Peter
I get some strange results using the Fisher class with large numbers. …

Aug 17, 2010:

8:30 PM Changeset [2313] by Peter
minor doc typo
4:21 PM Changeset [2312] by Peter
fixing more warnings from doxygen 1.7.1
3:53 PM Changeset [2311] by Peter
porting r2310 to trunk. Fixing warnings from doxygen 1.7.1 so 'make …
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