Nov 14, 2012:

8:55 AM Changeset [2876] by Peter
avoid word enable for something that is turned off with '--without'

Nov 13, 2012:

9:57 PM Changeset [2875] by Peter
delete leftover comments
12:27 PM Changeset [2874] by Peter
remove namespace bam. bam stuff will be put in omic namespace instead. …
12:15 PM Changeset [2873] by Peter
prefer using YAT_MSG_ERROR and simplify computation of …

Nov 12, 2012:

11:19 PM Changeset [2872] by Peter
prefer YAT_MSG_ERROR. using it in inf test
11:16 PM Changeset [2871] by Peter
prefer YAT_MSG_ERROR. using it in quiet_NAN test
11:06 PM Changeset [2870] by Peter
mention samtools and zlib requirements in README
10:42 PM Changeset [2869] by Peter
improve error messages. emove debug code. refs #729
10:28 PM Changeset [2868] by Peter
refs #729. Add configure tests for samtools
1:40 AM Changeset [2867] by Peter
A log2 function similar to std::log10.

Nov 11, 2012:

10:08 AM Changeset [2866] by Peter
remove -Werror option for automake
1:58 AM Changeset [2865] by Peter
rename record file because file named 'conftest*' are deleted inside …

Nov 10, 2012:

11:01 PM Changeset [2864] by Peter
file structure and empty automake file for new bam namespace. refs #729
9:25 AM Ticket #729 (samtools wrapper classes) created by Peter
samtools C api is very useful to handle bamfiles but the API requires …

Oct 22, 2012:

4:10 AM Ticket #728 (documentation displays full absolute include path) created by Peter
The documentation shows how to include the class in question such as …

Oct 15, 2012:

3:21 AM Ticket #727 (mention how manipulate GSL error handler in Doxygen docs) created by Peter
README.developer describes how to turn off GSL error handler. That …
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