May 12, 2013:

3:36 PM Changeset [3035] by Peter
allow test to require 'shared' in shell tests
8:28 AM Ticket #758 (Symbol not found: _bam_nt16_rev_table) closed by Peter
wontfix: It also works if I add […] in other words, if I add any(?) …
5:52 AM Ticket #758 (Symbol not found: _bam_nt16_rev_table) created by Peter
related to ticket #745 I get this run time error when running an …

May 11, 2013:

6:18 AM Ticket #757 (m4 macro checking that -lyat has bam support) created by Peter
YAT_CHECK_YAT only checks that -lyat exists, but sometimes it's useful …
5:34 AM WikiStart edited by Peter
5:20 AM WikiStart edited by Peter
grammar (diff)

May 7, 2013:

10:00 AM WikiStart edited by Peter
mention samtools wrapper in highlights (diff)

Apr 30, 2013:

11:31 PM Changeset [3034] by Peter
fix bug that libtool tags were not expanded correctly

Apr 28, 2013:

2:49 AM Changeset [3033] by Peter
remove trailing white-space

Apr 27, 2013:

5:10 PM Ticket #746 (non-const access to data in BamRead) closed by Peter
5:06 PM Changeset [3032] by Peter
refs #746. Simplify cigar function using logic similar to sequence(2). …
1:24 PM Changeset [3031] by Peter
new function BamRead::sequence(2). refs #746

Apr 21, 2013:

3:09 AM Changeset [3030] by Peter
refs #746. avoid false positive throws
3:04 AM Changeset [3029] by Peter
refs #746. Add docs and throw in aux_del if tag is absent (rather than …
2:37 AM Changeset [3028] by Peter
functions to access, append, and remove aux field. refs #746
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