Mar 11, 2015:

4:23 AM Ticket #829 (compiler warning: comma at end of enumerator list) created by Peter
I get the following compiler warning when compiling with -pedantic: …
4:02 AM Ticket #826 (function and/or functor to compare bam query name) closed by Peter
fixed: (In [3384]) closes #826
4:02 AM Changeset [3384] by Peter
closes #826
12:59 AM Changeset [3383] by Peter
avoid tab in the middle of line
12:27 AM Changeset [3382] by Peter
add link to yat home page in 'yat-config --help' output

Mar 5, 2015:

5:03 AM Ticket #828 (try convert string to numeric type) created by Peter
There is the convert function to convert a string to numeric type and …

Mar 4, 2015:

4:49 AM Changeset [3381] by Peter
we require Autoconf 2.64; remove workaround for older Autoconf.

Feb 25, 2015:

4:57 AM Ticket #827 (set unset and flip bits in BamRead::flag) created by Peter
I need to twist my neck and roll my head every time I need to …
1:47 AM Changeset [3380] by Peter
document how to access size of CIGAR array.

Feb 24, 2015:

8:18 AM Ticket #826 (function and/or functor to compare bam query name) created by Peter
There is a function same_query_name but there is no function to …

Feb 14, 2015:

9:37 AM Ticket #825 (access Option from Commandline) created by Peter
There is no way to access the Options contained in a Commandline. …

Feb 13, 2015:

12:22 PM Changeset [3379] by Peter
avoid using weighted_iterator_archetype with …
6:15 AM Ticket #824 (OptionVersion class) created by Peter
There is a class for --help but no class for --version. Class …
5:53 AM Changeset [3378] by Peter
Use latest version from git repo (patch was approved by archive managers)

Feb 11, 2015:

12:09 PM Changeset [3377] by Peter
check that iterators are weighted
11:28 AM Changeset [3376] by Peter
use weighted_iterator_traits in test for weighted_iterator_archetype
10:25 AM Changeset [3375] by Peter
extend test
8:31 AM Changeset [3374] by Peter
improve test diagnosis
8:30 AM Changeset [3373] by Peter
remove empty lines
2:31 AM Changeset [3372] by Peter
Fix bug in CigarIterator? that assumed BASE could be constructed from …

Feb 10, 2015:

8:21 AM Changeset [3371] by Peter
fix typo
8:16 AM Changeset [3370] by Peter
fix docs typo
8:15 AM Changeset [3369] by Peter
make test compile in --without-samtools mode
7:06 AM Changeset [3368] by Peter
add missing includes
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