Oct 26, 2015:

9:37 AM Ticket #846 (ROC::p_value() returns value greater than 1) created by Peter
The area in my case is less than 0.5, and guess that is the problem. …
8:09 AM Changeset [3431] by Peter
revert r3426 and some cosmetic changes (refs #794)
6:21 AM Ticket #845 (handle GSL errors gracefully in test suite) created by Peter
When GSL errors occur in the test-suite, the default GSL error handler …
6:16 AM Ticket #844 (adjust for API changes in GSL 2.0) created by Peter
GSL is beta testing its next release, 2.0, and it seems like they have …

Oct 24, 2015:

3:41 AM Changeset [3430] by Peter
fix wiki formatting
3:38 AM Ticket #794 (support for htslib) closed by Peter
fixed: (In [3429]) mention in NEWS that YAT_HAVE_LIBBAM and YAT_BAM_HEADER …
3:38 AM Changeset [3429] by Peter
mention in NEWS that YAT_HAVE_LIBBAM and YAT_BAM_HEADER are not …
3:31 AM Changeset [3428] by Peter
avoid referring to deprecated option
3:21 AM Changeset [3427] by Peter
avoid long line, and fix typo
3:12 AM Changeset [3426] by Peter
#define YAT_HAVE_LIBBAM when linking against libbam. refs #794

Oct 22, 2015:

3:26 AM Ticket #843 (Binomial Confidence Interval) created by Peter
Given n trials and k successes what is the confidence interval of the …

Oct 9, 2015:

3:41 AM Ticket #842 (functor to compare pairs wrt to first only (ignore second)) created by Peter
I have a vector<pair<A, B>> and wanna sort them wrt first. B has no …

Oct 8, 2015:

8:03 AM Ticket #841 (Fisher's exact two-sided p-value) created by Peter
The code in Fisher::p_value_exact(void) is obscure and hard to read. …
12:26 AM Changeset [3425] by Peter
Remove two private functions that were not used in Fisher and not …

Sep 28, 2015:

1:08 AM Changeset [3424] by Peter
upgrade to autoconf-archive-2015.09.25
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