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Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to project zanzibar

The aim of this trac is to assemble all the computer related wisdom at the Department of Theroretical Physics. You are welcome to modify and add content to these pages.

Trac/Wiki/Subversion? usage rules and guide lines

Please note this trac is only for computer related geek information, everything that is deemed not to be computer related will be removed promptly. One example of information that should not appear here is administrative issues, they belong elsewhere.

Let Trac know who you are

Before submitting changes to this site, let Trac know who you are by

  1. login
  2. goto Settings
  3. fill in your Name and Email
  4. Submit changes

This makes the Trac usage more transparent for other users, and e.g. sets you as sender in the timeline RSS feed.

Subversion access

Checkout the subversion repository with

svn co zanzibar

If you are adding files to the repository you must use the subversion configuration file in the repository prior any 'svn add' and 'svn ci' commands. Checkout the sample file and copy it to '~/.subversion/config'.

Use post-commit-hooks. A fairly complicated example of what you can do is with a commit message of: "Fixes #1 and #4, and refs #2". This will close #1 and #4, and add a note to #2.

RSS Feed

You can get an RSS feed of the timeline by doing the following:

  1. select the boxes in the timeline page
  2. push the update button
  3. copy the RSS link in the bottom of the timeline page
  4. paste the copied link into you favourite RSS reader.


  • bash -- bash tips and tricks.
  • Gnuplot -- tricks on how to use Gnuplot.
  • Internet -- Information to make your, and others, surfing experience more enjoyable.
  • LatexGotchas -- Tips and tricks when dealing with LaTeX type setting.
  • LunarcInfo -- Some useful scripts for submitting jobs at LUNARC.
  • Mac -- Tips and tricks how to maximize your Mac experience.
  • Selma -- Some useful scripts for submitting jobs on Selma along with various tips and tricks.
  • Transfac/Transpath -- Information on Transfac and Transpath.
  • UbuntuViaUSB -- Installing Ubuntu from a USB stick.
  • UbuntuComputingCluster -- Setting up an Ubuntu Computing Cluster.
  • ScandinavianOnAmericanKeyboard -- How to tweak your American keyboard to handle characters such as 'å', 'ä', and 'ö'.
  • SSHNoPassword -- How to login to a remote computer using SSH without a password.
  • docx2doc -- How to convert the new Microsoft Word 2007 format to the old one that OpenOffice? can read.
  • EmailIssues -- How to make the emailing at the department wonderful.
  • GmailConkyNotifier -- For Google and Conky fanboys.

Trac Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

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